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For almost 30 years I’ve talked with pets in the Afterlife and answered questions for 1000s of clients around the world.
My readings with Animal Spirits have provided validation, clarity, peace and closure to help heal their hearts, so their parents can move forward with their lives.
I’ve played with pet and people Spirits since I was a child.
Mother called them my “imaginary friends”. To me, they were very real because I could see and talk with them. People Readings

pet psychic animal communication with Brent Atwater

As a Pet Psychic and Medium seeing Spirits and talking face to face with them are the Gifts I use to communicate with your Soul pet’s Spirit in Heaven and any Being on the Other Side


Is a special Spirit waiting to speak with you from the other side? 

Would a message from a soul pet who has transitioned be the most AMAZING gift you could ever receive?

Why are Brent Atwater’s Pet Readings different from other Animal Communicators?
Brent Atwater actually sees and talks with your deceased pet’s Spirit. 
You can be located anywhere in the world for her to do a Reading!
The time that your Pet has been gone, has no influence on your information.
Ms. Atwater has also experienced and suffered great loss after the sudden death of her fiancé and losing many pets over her lifetime.
She TRULY understands how you feel!
Most AC’s can’t see Spirits,
so they “talk” telepathically through mental impressions.
“I talk face to face with Spirit, NOT thru telepathic impressions that are then interpreted into what an AC thinks they were trying to tell the AC.”
Your validation from Brent’s readings comes through the very specific, detailed and private, personal information that only your pet would know.
There is no guarantee that you will hear what you expect or want to hear.
Your Pet is in charge of the information that you receive!

Being one of a few people in the world who can see inside of ANY body,
Ms. Atwater can also answer questions regarding health issues.
Brent can look inside your Pet’s body before it Transitions and explain what she sees that occurred before and during their death. That information will help you understand
“how and why it happened.”

Information BEFORE you book a Reading

  • WAIT LIST: Thank you and your Pet for trusting me to help heal your heart.
    Due to the overwhelming demand for my readings there can be a wait list several months long. I am honored and humbled to help so many clients.
    Although I wish I could help everyone immediately, the fact is, I cannot energetically do more than a few readings per week in order to give each individual reading my full focus and energy. Your patience and understanding is truly appreciated!
  • OFFICE HOURS: Monday – Friday 11 am – 4 pm EST (New York)
  • APPOINTMENT INSTRUCTIONS and time choices will be emailed within 10 business days after notification of receipt of your payment. e do not send out appointment reminders. It is your responsibility to remember the time and date of your session.
  • FEES are NON refundable and subject to sales tax.
  • PHOTOS: Your appointment will not be scheduled until my office has your photos in the required format as stated in the appointment instructions.
  • CONSULTATIONS are done Live by Phone, What’s App, Skype (brent_atwater) or Zoom.
  • INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS are scheduled to accommodate various time zones.
  • MISSING an APPOINTMENT or being 15 minutes late for any reason, will be considered a NO SHOW, your fee is NON refundable and session canceled.
  • We do NOT send reminder calls or texts.
  • RESCHEDULING must be done at least 48 hours before your original session.
  • AGREEMENT: In consideration for the purchase of an appointment it is your intent to agree to and comply with the terms above.
  • Hello Ms. Atwater,
    It’s been a while for sure since we last talked (almost 9 yrs ago)…reading your book and connecting with you has changed my life in very positive ways. When we last talked, my 2nd dog had passed.  I read your book and  connected with both of my babies and they both decided to come back. I’m getting tears writing this.  
    More importantly, in going through all this almost 9yrs ago, i have connected with God when I did not have that before.  I tell my story whenever I can as I think that’s what I’m supposed to do.  Anyways, a “Thank You” is not enough and doesn’t seem to be enough to show my gratitude but that’s what we say. So, Thank You!
    My babies are back and they show characteristics that I just cannot deny.  I often think, feel, and cal them by there previous names and it feels normal but weird at the same time.  I have attached their photos as pups and young adults.
    Love, T om Lambert USA 2/5/2024

Types of Readings & Fees

1. Is my NEW pet, my OLD Pet reincarnated? Yes or No
$ 194.00 USD  BOOK NOW
After payment, Please email to [email protected]
Send 2 or 3 separate Jpeg photos of the deceased pet
also send 2 or 3 separate Jpeg photos of your New Pet.
You will receive a Yes or No answer within 30 business days.

2. Will my current Pet reincarnate? YES or NO Answer
$ 325.00 USD  BOOK NOW
After payment, Please email to [email protected]
please send 3 separate file Jpeg photos of your current or transitioned deceased pet PLUS a photo of you with your pet.

Pet psychic and animal communicator Brent Atwater  almost 30 years of healing heart because pet love never dies
Brent Atwater foremost expert on pet animal reincarnation

** All Sessions are done on the Phone, What’s App, Skype, Zoom **

Animal Communication Session
for 1 Pet Living or deceased
* Bring your list of questions
Ask Whatever.
* All sessions are done Live with photos
Approx 30 up to 45 minutes
$550.00 USD
BUY NOW$851.00 USD

Follow up Discussion
30 minutes Live
This is not another Reading.

It’s an in depth discussion focusing on any details or questions that you have from your previous session.
$352.00 USD

$ 1100.00 USD
4+ hours
+ Birth thru current
+ Health Issue Questions
+ Death /Transition Questions
+ Future lives
+ Soul Purpose + IF Reincarnating
what pet will look like, when he returns, where & how you will reconnect
If NOT- The reason pet isn’t returning + Life directives from your pet.
<<< The book Animal Reincarnation answers all your questions about Pet Reincarnation


Past, Present & Future 5+ hours
$ 1200.00 USD
5+ hours of life changing conversations
OMG Details, details, details!!!
+ Past Lives, + Current life
+ Health issues
+ Death questions,
+ Future lives + Soul purpose
+ If they are Reincarnating – lots of details

To Purchase After Death Signs that teaches
you how to get Signs, plus communicate
with your Pets in the Afterlife

This reading will occur within 18 days from receipt of your payment, and can be on a weekend or whenever Brent has time in her schedule.

$2350.00 USD

Learn how to ignite, use, refine and accelerate your skills & Gifts.

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