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At 5,  Brent’s unique intuitive abilities were discovered and documented by Duke University’s Dr. J B Rhine the founder of parapsychology in his Extra Sensory Perception pilot study.
Brent Atwater has the extraordinary Gift to look at and see inside a body like a “Human MRI,” (which is the nickname given to her by Dr. Larry Burke and Dr. Laurance Johnstone formerly of the National Institute of Health (NIH)) who tested Ms. Atwater’s specialized medical intuitive diagnostic and energy healing skills.
For almost 30 years Brent Atwater’s medical intuitive health readings have helped
people from all over the world overcome illness and manage health issues.
Brent has amazed clients with her medical intuitive OMG specific details,
accuracy and results! 

As a “Human MRI, ” Brent’s medical intuition provides
extraordinary and accurate health information plus 
furnishes a comprehensive, incredibly detailed health evaluation
that uncovers incorrect diagnoses, urgency of addressing symptoms
and encompasses procedure and treatment recommendations
and healing solutions.
Ms. Atwater ‘s medical intuitive abilities bridge the world of
traditional and alternative medicine. Her pioneering practice
has published, documented and evidence based case studies.
Brent’s realistic yet compassionate approach, looks not just at
physical health, but also examines a person’s well-being on every level.
Her intuitive healing insights can provide clarity and answers
that produce positive results to those who seek her help.
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During a medical intuitive reading Brent looks inside your body and can see your organs, nerves, bones, tissue and other systems to diagnose current health issues and predict future events. Here are some examples:
* looks into your heart and determines blocked vessels or which sinus node is causing your cardiac arrhythmia
* looks at your Cancer tumor, sees if it has grown, determines if it has or will metastasize, describes how large and where it is.
* describes your future health events and issues.
* looks at your neuropathy (nerve damage-numb area), and tracks the neural pathway(s) back to its damaged or dysfunctional location to determine whether to regenerate it or reconnect the nerve’s electromagnetic impulses.
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Although Ms. Atwater addresses all health issues and allopathic diagnoses
Brent’s Medical Intuitive & Healing Energy Specialties:
Discovering Misdiagnosis, origin of symptoms
• Nerve Damage, Disorders or Dysfunction
• Spinal Cord Injury, SCI
• Back pain, injuries
• Epileptic Seizures, Tremors, Parkinson’s
• Paralysis, Stroke
• Pain
• Regenerating Cells, Bones, Muscles, Nerves
• Cancer- Lung, Brain


“When I took your advice and told myself I’m pretty, I’m healthy, I’m physically healed, and said it regularly, I went for retesting on hep C numbers. Without taking medicine it had dropped in half. I asked if that’s common, she said not when you’ve had it so long and the numbers are that high it NEVER drops.” Joy Stulley

WAIT LIST: Thank you for trusting me to help you.
Due to the overwhelming demand for my Readings there can be a wait list several months long. I am honored and humbled to work with so many clients.
Although I wish I could help everyone immediately, the fact is, I cannot energetically do more than a few session per week in order to give each individual my full focus and energy. Your patience and understanding is truly appreciated!

APPOINTMENT INSTRUCTIONS and time choices will be emailed within 10 business days after notification of receipt of your payment. e do not send out appointment reminders. It is your responsibility to remember the time and date of your session.

Online Virtual Audience Readings

$28.00 USD
Every Month in our Subscription group

on the 28th
we have Live Zoom audience readings for Pets and People
at times Brent mixes in Medical Intuitive readings
You can join Brent from anywhere in the world and be part of the live experience! Click to JOIN
NOTE: Admission to event does not guarantee a reading…

Medical Intuitive Consults

15 min HEALTH Reading & Consult
Ask your question, I’ll “look” at your concern &
we’ll discuss within that time.
$ 253.00

30 min HEALTH Reading & Consult
Ask your questions, I’ll “look” at your concerns & discuss
options within that time period.

$ 374.00

60 min BODY SCAN
I’ll look inside your body & we’ll discuss your Health concerns
and intuitive management or healing solutions within that timeframe
$ 730.00

75 up to 90 minutes BODY SCAN

2 hour BODY SCAN
& Health Discussion
$ 1540.00

If you have an Emergency and require a reading within 7 business days

Add this fee to the reading or consult you choose in the list above.
After we receive your Payment notification between Monday thru Friday
we’ll send you an appointment time. .

This reading will occur within 18 days from receipt of your payment, and can be on a weekend or whenever Brent has time in her schedule.

$2350.00 USD

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