animal Healing & medical intuitive

Animal Medical Intuitive & Animal Healing

Brent Atwater, Animal Medical Intuitive and a pet animal medical medium healing specialist, has been documented by 
NC State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine for her energy healing work that regenerated Brent’s dog’s spinal cord nerves and vertebrae.  
She has been a speaker and teacher for the NC Veterinary Association and taught Energy work “How to be an Animal Medical Intuitive” at the New York Open Center. 

Why is Brent Atwater different? 
Because Brent has the unparalleled Gift to see inside your pet’s body to find, diagnose and predict health issues!  
She’s a “human MRI”

Brent Atwater Medical Intuitive Scan
Brent sees organs, bones, tissue, nerve damage and all your body’s systems etc. She receives detailed intuitive medical information which
• evaluates the source of health conditions
• provides solutions about treatment, procedures and medications
• facilitates healing
• predicts future health events.
What is an Pet Animal Medical Intuitive Scan?
I look inside and evaluate your pet’s body from head to toe, back, front and all sides plus top and bottom for a 360 degree assessment of all bones, organs, and body systems.
* recommend subjects to discuss with your animal’s healthcare providers, 
* examine current treatments, food, medications and supplements.
*  provide suggestions on how to manage and facilitate solutions for your pet.
* address other questions pertaining to your pet’s issues.
Brent invests a great deal of time researching / developing solutions for clients. She honors and understands that it’s
an investment in your Pet’s health and life!

CLIENT TESTIMONIAL: “when my cat was 9, I hired Brent, not as an animal communicator but as a medical intuitive and healer.  My cat, Nicky, was ill, and we thought we might lose him.  We had spent hundreds of dollars, month after month, on emergency urinary catheterization procedures due to repeated blockages, and many hours taking him to the vet and putting him through CAT scans and X-rays.  Brent’s charge for a “MRI” and healing wasn’t nearly as costly as the veterinary procedures.  And, unlike the vet’s treatments, Brent’s treatment was permanent.  Since Brent’s energy work, Nicky has not had another blockage!  I would call it a miracle, but I do not believe Brent would.  She is a gifted, compassionate healer, who truly DOES HEAL!  She is the real deal, and I will be forever grateful.  Nicky is now 19.  He’s still with us and feisty as ever!” Nancy R CO

WAIT LIST: Thank you for trusting me to help you.
Due to the overwhelming demand for my Readings or Coaching, there can be a wait list several months long. I am honored and humbled to work with so many clients.
Although I wish I could help everyone immediately, the fact is, I cannot energetically do more than a few session per week in order to give each individual my full focus and energy. Your patience and understanding is truly appreciated!

APPOINTMENT INSTRUCTIONS and time choices will be emailed within 10 business days after notification of receipt of your payment. e do not send out appointment reminders. It is your responsibility to remember the time and date of your session.

15 min Healing or Health Questions:
$ 352.00 USD

30 min Healing or Health Questions:
$ 452.00 USD

All Animals MINI SCAN – 1 hr

One Body Area Scanned
w Energy Healing + Health Q’s
$ 695.00 USD

Consultation and Energy work
Large Animal
$ 2300.00 USD

Small Animal FULL Medical Intuitive Diagnostic Body Scan +
Consultation and Energy work
Small Animal $ 995.00 USD

(within 3 days of receipt of payment)
Add this to the Service fee above.
$325.00 USD