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15th of each month- Live Q & A
28th of each month online Live audience personal Readings on Zoom!
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for $28.00 USD in our Membership group,
Brent answers live Q & A on the 15th of each month. On the 28th of each month Brent connects with the Real and Spirit world to deliver heartfelt readings that validate connections and afterlife that will help heal your heart!
Brent also mixes in Medical Intuitive readings for People & Pets.
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You can join Brent on Zoom from anywhere in the world and be part of the live experience! NOTE: Admission to event does not guarantee a reading…
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For almost 30 years Brent’s Atwater’s incredibly accurate and detailed animal communication readings with Spirits on the Other Side, have helped heal the hearts of 1000’s of pet loss clients around the world. Ms. Atwater’s psychic and intuitive consultations have taught clients how to get and identify signs from their loved ones in the afterlife. Brent’s insights transform their lives with validation of life after death and answers that provide comfort, healing and peace in knowing
Love Never Dies!

Services & Products


Personal Readings, Psychic, Spiritual or Life coaching
If you’ve been searching for answers in areas of your life, Brent’s almost 30 years of experience, teachings and insights as a master teacher could open a whole new direction to healing and guidance for you.

Brent Atwater's very accurate and detailed pet loss readings with deceased pets around the world have helped heal 1000's of hearts. Brent Atwater's animal communication with your Pet's Spirit in Heaven is life changing!


Brent’s very accurate and detailed pet loss readings with deceased pets around the world have helped heal 1000’s of hearts. Brent’s animal communication with your Pet’s Spirit in Heaven is life changing!
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Brent Atwater an animal communicator has classes and courses that teach you how to feel energy, is your pet an angel or spirit guide, and healing energy on how to stop seizures and more.

Online Classes & Courses
+ Art & Video Classes

like “How to Feel Energy,” “Angel Animals” and “How to Use Energy to stop Pet Seizures” are some of Brent Atwater’s on demand video classes.
Master classes, workshops and their Events calendar will be announced on this page and in our Blog and Newsletter.

Brent Atwater's 500 + YouTube pet loss video classes teach animal communication, how to connect with the Other side. What happens after my pet dies and Rainbow Bridge and when do I get a new pet are more topics.
TV film crew taping Brent Atwater's pilot for an animal communication pet psychic show on Animal Afterlife.

YOUTUBE Videos for pet loss Grief Support

Over 500 videos that help expand awareness, teach pet communication with the Other Side and help you recognize signs from pet animals in the Afterlife. These videos will help heal your heart from Pet Loss.
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Brent Atwater's Medical Intuitive Readings, and Healing Energy Sessions answer questions about you or your pet's health concerns and create a specific plan for wellness.

& ENERGY HEALING Consultations

Personal Health
Pet Health

Brent Atwater’s Medical Intuitive Readings, and Healing Energy Medicine Sessions answer health questions
and create a specific plan for wellness.

Brent Atwater, animal pet medium teaches how to get signs from pets in the Afterlife and more in her books to help you learn animal communication with your Pet's Spirit.

Brent’s BOOKS

Brent Atwater has written over 10
books (with a new one coming in 2022) on subjects about signs from animal Afterlife, pet reincarnation, medical intuition, how to trust your Gifts and self healing books! Check them out!

Brent Atwater's Alive Again Podcast on Pet Life Radio discusses, animal  afterlife, Signs from pets on the Other Side, euthanasia, when to get a new pet, a dog's purpose and more.

Brent and her guests discuss animal Afterlife and answer lots of your questions about animal communication with pets on the Other Side before and after they Transition. Available on your favorite Internet connections.
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  • WAIT LIST: Thank you for trusting me to help you.
    Due to the overwhelming demand for my readings there can be a wait list several months long. I am honored and humbled to help so many clients.
    Although I wish I could help everyone immediately, the fact is, I cannot energetically do more than a few readings per week in order to give each individual reading my full focus and energy. Your patience and understanding is truly appreciated!
  • OFFICE HOURS: Monday – Friday 11 am – 4 pm EST (New York)
  • APPOINTMENT INSTRUCTIONS and time choices will be emailed within 10 business days after notification of receipt of your payment. e do not send out appointment reminders. It is your responsibility to remember the time and date of your session.

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Rainbow Bridge and Pet Loss. Brent Atwater pet medium has been helping heal people's hearts for 27 years. Author After Death Signs
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