About Brent Atwater

Since age 5, I talked with animals and imaginary friends.  My intuition and Gifts were documented by Dr. J B Rhine of Duke University in his pilot study for ESP (Extra Sensory Perception).

From the First grade on, I was chosen to be a part of Governor Terry Sanford’s Pilot educational program for the Gifted. My classes thru high school were accelerated learning. I feel blessed to have had that opportunity. I graduated from Hollins University with degrees in Art and Creative Writing and attended Law School.

Growing up I had learned to follow “the voices in my Head” and led my life by their Guidance and intuitive insights.  After the sudden death of my fiancé, my Gifts exploded and couldn’t be kept “on the sideline.”
After Mikes’ transition I learned how to harness and apply my Gifts to help people and their pets.  I have dedicated my life to help heal the hearts of people dealing with the tragedy of loss.

My heart’s passion and joy is to expand awareness and to help others have better lives.

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