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How to Accept, Trust & Live Your Life’s Spiritual Purpose
is a Master class that provides all the tools and techniques
to activate, accelerate, protect and
be in control of your Psychic Gifts/ abilities and Spiritual development.
It’s a paperback course that teaches you to use what you have
to serve those you came to benefit.
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As a Spiritual, Psychic or Life Coach Brent Atwater’s almost 30 years experience creates personalized lessons tailored to activate, enhance, revitalize or accelerate your personal Gifts, Psychic abilities and Spiritual development. Bring your list of questions and we’ll get started!
Approx 30 up to 45 minutes
$550.00 USD

Approx 75 up to 90 minutes


$851.00 USD

 Master Classes, online Courses & Art Events
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Evidence of your connection and relationship with Spirit
Everlasting and tangible bond to your Loved One.

Medical Intuitive Classes
How to see inside a Body to diagnosis and manage diseases and health disorders.
2024 TBA

Is your Pet a
Guardian Angel, Spirit Guide?
$ 100.00 USD


How to Feel a Spirit’s Energy

$ 100.00 USD


How to Control Seizures

$ 100.00 USD


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