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*** FYI I took a year off to take care of my beloved Friend before & during his transition.


Heather Marion Miller-Callahan

Brent Atwater

I don’t expect a response because I know you’re very busy. I just want to say thank you for all you have done and continue to do. I’m so grateful to have found your teachings, your FB group, your literature and your supportive administrators. You are a big part of me, daily surviving my grief from my Soul Dog Charlie transitioning. You have given me the gift of awareness and spiritual connection. You have confirmed my original belief, that love never dies. I recommend you to many people I connect with both in animal senior groups and friends in person. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. Much gratitude always. 🙏♥️ Sincerely, Heather

Thank you so much Brent for your time today…………and the extra time too……..and wow, that was a LOT of extra time – big hugs and thank you so much for the book and video too – I look forward to viewing them both –   It was always Jess and I – the two of us, and I totally get the forever bond as yes, from the first moment I saw her, something just ‘clicked’ ❤️  You take care of yourself  💔❤️

Big hugs and THANK YOU so much – best wishes Suzanne  Xxx 💕 England 7/23

Hi Brent, 

Thank you so much for your time this morning, and for going above and beyond to try and help us heal from the loss of our sweet little Dizzee, we are so grateful that we were given the opportunity to chat to you and experience your amazing talent first hand. 

Now that I’ve had time to process what you said and sit with it for a bit, WOW! You were so accurate!! I spoke with Dizzee often about how scared I was to become a Mum and the fact that he bought that up, blows my mind. Plus how he kept calling Koa “the kid” I didn’t register at the time, but once I got off the phone with you, I realized I call Koa the kid because Dizzee was the baby, and there couldn’t be two babies so we always refer to her as the kid. I appreciated you saying that he came to me, to help me emotionally and I can honestly say he fulfilled his purpose on earth, he helped me more then he’ll ever know, he bought love and light to my life everyday. I’m so grateful for his love and look forward to connecting with him on a different level, thanks to your help and guidance. 

Thankyou again Brent, this truly meant so much to both of us. 

With Love,

Taryn & Ben  Xo- Australia 8/23

What an HONOR to help she and Peni continue their never ending love!

Message: I purchased Animal life after Death book after my soul/therapy dog had passed. Thank you for helping me contact my pet after death of fur suit. I did protection prayer, then the energy presence and that has changed my life. I feel my dogs energy usually on the side of my right knee but I feel her laying on different parts of me other times. Thank you for helping me do this. It\’s helping me cope with her physically not being here and continuing a different relationship with my Peni!!♡ Thank u so much.. Caroline S.

Magical Brent & her team,

I just wanted to thank you for your Excellent and Priceless work, you literally save hearts/Souls/lives! There are no words to espress my gratitude! Brent’s videos turn my worst nightmare (the loss of my dog) into my biggest dream (his eternal presence). Wishing you all an incredibly shining & spectacular 2022!

Much Love & Magic*****

Stefania  ( 1/3/22) Italy


Dear Brent or Team,
I just want to express my gratitude for your amazing work.
In August I lost my beloved dog under tragic conditions and never found out what really happened, it seems she had left to die and fell from a cliff. 11.5years we were never separated due to her separation anxiety. I suffered from strong depressions and was thinking of suicide. Your channel helped me to overcome it.
Exactly 4months later she came back in a new body with a new owner and we’re a happy family now. Since that all the signs she has sent me all the time have stopped as were reunited.
I wish you and your team a merry xmas with your lovely fur babies,
Steffi ( 12-22-21) Germany


Thank you Brent! This totally makes sense.  

I am sending you a zillion hugs. I woke up with a sense of peace and this feeling of heat/energy surrounding me. The ache or sadness of the physical missing is gone. He is with me, now I really know what that means. I am so grateful to you and Ewi of course for this knowledge. Thank you so so so much!

Cheryl (11-12-21) USA


Thank you Brent for your words of encouragement to help heal the pain of losing Max.  Also, you said Max would be coming back in 2 to 5 years but as a little dog that would have somewhat curly hair kind of like a spaniel but about 26 pounds. The funny thing is I currently have 2 French Brittany spaniels. I really like the cavalier king Charles spaniel that is smaller but he has the wavy hair and floppy ears you spoke of. They come in the cream or buff color which you also mentioned. As far as the 2 – 5 year time frame because I do have “something in my life that I need to take care of first.”  They are 8 and 11 years old a dogs plus 2 cats, a full house. Obviously Max would prefer to wait so I can give him even more attention. So I await his return and will learn from your books to communicate and feel his “steam” form until we meet again. Thanks again for your pet reading, Edie, MI

Brent, I want to express my heart-felt thanks for the insights and information you conveyed to me yesterday about Winston. It meant so much to me! I knew I was taking up way too much of your time, but I was so absorbed by your Gift that I didn’t even want to say good-bye when we were done. Does everyone you spend time with feel like they have connected with you on a personal level? I can understand if the answer is yes. I did feel like you are someone I want to stay in touch with. Meanwhile, I found your radio program and I intend to become a regular listener. You gave me much to think about on so many levels—not just about my pet, but also about my life. Thank you again for sharing your gift with me! Michelle, MN


Hi Brent, From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for the session today, the class and your book. I know you spent extra time with me and put a lot of love into our time together.

Everything you said helped me make sense of how I’ve been feeling and experiencing. Our session was very healing and sparked a fire in my heart again. I’m excited to see where God and Ziggy will lead me.

When life gets a little more back to normal, I’d love to have you over to visit. I loved laughing with you. I think both of our souls needed that. You can stay with me and I’ll give you the grand tour of southern CA. Or we can just hang out in my backyard, laugh and just be. Just say when. 💜 Thank you again. You are a truly beautiful soul. All my love, Sarah (10-21-21) CA


Hello, dear Brent!

When I had my past life reading with you in August, you kindly sent me some videos and other ‘homework’ about my connection with my spirit guide, who came to me as a Boston Terrier named Mimi, and kindly suggested I reach out if I had any questions. 

I know you’re up to your eyeballs with folks writing to you for readings, so I will keep this brief. The videos have been so helpful. I wanted to share one revelation, and two quick questions.

Revelation – Sandwiches! During my reading, Mimi mentioned us ‘liking sandwiches’. In the moment, I was a little miffed she didn’t mention my from-scratch Italian cooking, but fine. When my ego calmed down, I mentioned this to my husband. He said, ‘she must have been talking about our road trips’! And he’s right. We are former musicians and big Warren Zevon fans. Before he died, he famously encouraged people to ‘enjoy every sandwich’, the simple things in life. Pre-Covid, whenever we were on a road trip, we would look up ‘best sandwiches’ en route in every state, on our way to visit family or to a concert. Mimi was always in tow. In the moment of the reading, sandwiches didn’t feel so personal, but I’ve realized since what a spot-on sign she was sending me that she was there. All best wishes,

Tracy Simeone ( 10-4-21)


Hi Brent,

Brent I just wanted to thank you for your teaching. Without you teaching us that some pets go away to transition because they know they have to go but struggle to leave you, that helped immensely when our 20 year old cat Cindy transitioned last year. It was so good to understand why she did that.

And yesterday we had to help our 10 year old Holly to transition. She had recently been diagnosed with FeLV and it took hold so quickly. Saying your prayer to help her transition really helped. The vet was so kind & gentle with her, she was at home, and knowing she was immediately happy, healthy & healed and ready to carry on our never ending journey of love together made a sad situation bearable.

I have had signs from them both and for that am truly grateful to them.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Brent. I wouldn’t have coped without you.

With love and every blessing, Helen xx🐾💖 (9-2-21) England


Hey Brent

Thanks again for yesterday. It was absolutely wonderful and I am for CERTAIN we will be chatting again. 

I am WIPED OUT. I mean I feel like I have been taken back to the nest day after she transitioned and left her fur body. I mean I am not sure if this is common for “special” beings like she was, and because of the relationship she had/has with me and if that is more “severe” in the hurt/sadness (and how it all just came rushing back) because of our heavenly bond together and all the past lives or what. I think also, things I knew and thought deep down about my gifts and talents and how she was here to push me forward, you REALLY drove home and solidified those thoughts, ALONG WITH me sort of realizing things about myself that I had somewhat suspected. Yesterday was a true game changer and the entire session seems like some sort of hazy, life changing chapter in this deal I am on. Almost like…ok dummy NOW you KNOW so let’s get to it. Like it just seems surreal. And this entire day I have had numerous bouts where I feel HUGE WAVES of emotion just come over me and cause rapid fire tears. Like non stop. All Day. And I am absolutely depleted. Not sure if this is common, but thought I would mention it, as if anyone would know, it surely would be you. 

Just thought I would let ya know and if you had a quick moment get your thoughts on this. 

PS>…and the day was not all sad, lost, gutted, etc,. …I did have a totally new knowing and FEELING, in between the tears and waves of emotion,  that she was with me in a way I have never felt before. Like she is guiding me and I am wearing her like a jacket. Like she is behind me or something. Like there is this invisible force or bodyguard behind me at all times. It is a really bizarre feeling but it was new and awesome. I am sure you know what I mean. Thanks Brent!  You Rock!

Kenny (6-3-21) FLA



I absolutely loved the video and it was literally life changing for me. Everything you were talking about resonated with me from the following to just name a few:

Dysfunctional upbringing never feeling like I belonged

unbelievable unconditional love with Maddie Asking my husband why Maddie would lay in her bed and just stare at me At the vet one day being told she had cancer in her knee and the next day put to sleep (no drama) other than feeling completely “gutted”.

Since the video, I asked Maddie to show herself as an angel and in the middle of the night she appeared with beautiful blue, yellow and green aura around her. Just spectacular.

I also asked Archangel Michael to come in my dreams. I saw a face and then some fire flickering. I couldn’t figure out the fire part. Then, when researching him I read he his called the “angel of fire”. Blew me away!! Love when things make sense and come together!!

Your heart is truly in the right place!! I am forever grateful for being led to you and having the honor of talking with you. I will reach out for another appointment at some point! With much respect,

Robin Jacobson ( 1-21-21)


“I found Brent’s web site and started watching her videos, some days for six hours. I could stop crying just enough to watch more. I somehow came to trust and believe in this deep feeling, intelligent, truly gifted woman. I took the leap and signed up for a reading. I talked to Brent for over three hours and am overwhelmed with what I just received…a direct communication from C. Brent gave me many direct statements on our life and our future life, what happened in his transition, what to change my thinking on, his assignment in life with me and much more. There are so many emotions…gratitude, respect, hope, peace, wonder, shock and much more. I have so much to process. If anyone doubts that animals will be there for us in the next stage, please waste no more time and believe! C told something that happened nearly 50 years ago, specifics on now that Brent could never have known without C telling her, and things coming. Brent is able to communicate with transitioned animals! It is real! If we miss this, we are missing one of life’s greatest gifts. Thank you Brent. Your book opened my mind and you walked me into heaven while I was still on earth. god has blessed you, now thank you for blessing me.” Sue S.


My wife and I want to thank Brent from the bottom of our hearts. We are eternally grateful for all her love and support during our hard time. Her gift is truly a gift from God with the sole purpose of healing broken hearts and to teach us that there is more to this life than what you can see and touch. She helped us understand fully the “why” and to illuminate the possibility in which we would have never imagined. She has helped us find peace and continues to do so with her knowledge and gifts on a daily basis. We now know to our core that Boone is with us every day watching over my wife and I.

Boone must have felt how badly my wife and I were hurting and led us to Brent, there is no other explanation as to why our paths crossed but it must have been fate or divine intervention and for that we are grateful and it has set us on a new path in life moving forward. Boone will always be the love of our lives, he was our piece of heaven that we got to feel and touch.

We cannot thank you enough.   Never above you, never below you, always beside you.!

Brandon Bjorn Badrick with Britini

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