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Renowned worldwide for her expertise in Intuitive Energy Healing and After Death Communication and Communication, Ms Atwater’s groundbreaking Medical intuitive insights gained from an unrivaled ability to look inside human bodies, 21+ years of research in Life after Death and Reincarnation and her documented Paintings that Heal  and “Soul Stories” have earned Brent the respect and trust as one of the world’s most accurate and effective intuitive mediums and teachers.


Do you have questions about Death or communication and connections with Loved Ones in Heaven/ Afterlife?
Do you want to-
* Speak with a departed Loved One for validation, clarity, comfort and closure?

* Learn more about your Healing abilities, Energy Medicine, and Intuition?
* Learn about Art Energy and create Paintings that Heal?
* Learn about Soul Art and paint Spirits from the Other Side?

or share your experiences and journey while connecting with like minded people?


Brent Knows what she’s doing!!!

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April 21 2018My french bulldog Kurt died last July.I saw him last night for the first time totally real.I was falling asleep and my bedroom went cold.I opened my eyes and saw a 3D face of Kurt on my left. I closed my eyes again and reopened them and Kurt’s face was still there. I felt we finally connected. Thank You Brent for your amazing page and advice.


I was extremely surprised as I was going through a gamut of emotions throughout the class, each hitting so, so very close to home. Every information shared would produce a mini explosion inside my heart and my being while I was identifying and recognizing so clearly so many things, events and reactions I had gone through with my animal friend. Besides being very professional and genuinely giving of herself you could see without the shadow of a doubt Brent’s sincerity, authenticity and raw emotion in conveying her message which made it easy to touch everyone of us attending her beautiful class. This class by far exceeded my expectations. One very special quality of Brent Atwater is her uniqueness. The fact that she is so different than many others is what truly attracted me to her and her message. A huge thank you and to many more from all my heart.  
Martine F.


Kaye Weaver    I  just wanted to express how intrigued & moved I was Thursday evening during Brent’s spirit guide class. I was just glued to listening to all of the information. So much I was unaware of, or just never gave a thought to. I believe I have 4 pages of notes! Brent, what an amazing gift you have. Thank you for sharing this with the world. A few other profound facts came to mind also. 1- there are a lot of people in the world that have brokenness & pain in life that just want to be loved. 2- God provides the gifts of our animals to bless our lives, console our hearts, enrich our lives, & love us unconditionally. 3- we must constantly look for the good – in ourselves & in others. No matter who you are or what unfortunate circumstances life may have given you. God has a plan for everyone. 4- we are meant to love & help each other through. The world can be a lonely place. When we recognize this profound loneliness, it is up to each of us to step forward to love unconditionally, & to be a friend.

Thank you Brent Atwater for recognizing these human conditions in the world, & using your gifts, love & concern for others to help us heal. While I do confess to being spiritually “illiterate” still, I look forward to other webinars. This has opened my heart & mind to arenas I never knew or gave much thought to. I have a ways to go in this grief, but you have helped more than you know. God bless always…


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* SOLD OUT!!! June 21, 2018 - Is Your Pet a Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide in an Earth Suit?

* August 18, 2018
- How to Feel the Energy of your Loved Ones in Heaven

* How to See Spirits

* Communicating with the Other Side

* Dealing with Guilt

* Afterlife- Signs, Dreams and more

* Reincarnation

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* Soul Art- Painting Human Spirits & Soul Stories
Brent has documented the lives of several Spirits & their Stories

* Painting Pet Spirits

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* Paintings that Heal Emotions
* Paintings That Heal Health Issues

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* Medical Intuition
* Medical Intuitive Diagnosis for People
* Medical Intuitive Diagnosis for Animals
* Healing People's Health Issues
* Healing Animals
* Healing Animals 2