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1. Is Pet a Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide?

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2. How to Feel Spirit Energy

          VIDEO:    110.00 USD            Preview Image

“I was mesmerized. So much learning! Not much keeps me up that late at night, but you and the information you shared from your heart, soul, and guides sure did, Brent. Ollie/Pawman and Jasmine were listening, too.  Thanks again!”  Dianne V

“You certainly gave your all, Brent. After all was finished, there was such a beautifully quiet energy in the house.  A tip toey kind of feeling.” Mary Ellen C

FV Femke “I was a bit sleepy the first few minutes, being present at 3 AM Dutch time, but it was so much worth it. Learned a lot and it was very inspiring, warm, helpful and pure. Would sign up again in a heartbeat. Thank you Brent and all who made this possible -Team Max to the Max;-)”

My name is Jean Robert Fort.  I had the unique chance  to be part of   Is your Pet a Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide? Words cannot define the way  I felt about this class. It was a gift from heaven. So many things became clear for me , particularly my Life . I regain my purpose in life, the one that I forgot when I was six years old. Brent Atwater , Wow : your authenticity touch and help me so much to accept myself.

To see the humanly road that you took and taking to embrass your mission and purpose . it is such example for us to see that we can also make it and the road to fulfillment is full with difficulties and obstacles but we can make it with all our helpers. Thank you for being such inspiration. PLEASE DON’t CHANGE , KEEP YOUR AUTHENTHIC SELF WE LOVEEEEEE IT.

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