Testimonials Animal medium Brent Atwater’s Spirit messages

Testimonials for Animal medium Brent Atwater’s Spirit messages

“Your notes continuously inspire me to try harder to help heal hearts!”

This is WHY I do what I do

20 years ago April 4, 1997 at 9:30 pm my life was forever redirected. The pain is still as deep, our love is still etched in my being and my life’s purpose continues with every breath under the guidance of my Mikey. Because he died, the reason I live, is to make sure that no single soul is alone without uplifting support after the death of a beloved companion and that individuals learn to KNOW- death is JUST transition into a NEW journey that continues your Never Ending Love!


Dear Brent, thank you for your fascinating reading with Garfield last night. He sure gave me a lot to digest, and I will do so mindfully and heartily over the weekend. Thank you Brent from the depths of my heart for the reading. I feel privileged and blessed by you, and Garfield. God Bless and lots of love Heidi xxx

I thank you for all that you do for others. Because of you, I could start living my life again and got connected with my dog. I bought your book, asked questions to my dog, and got many signs from him. Also, when he was reincarnated, I found him by the images that he sent me through my dreams. I thank you so soooo much.  Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Alice


Laura Lynn Losaw You are one amazing person !! When I lost Mickey a year and a half ago .. your words and Grace were so comforting during that sad ordeal .. thank you for all you do !!


Hi my name is kathy llewellyn can I first just say how much your videos have helped me I just discovered your you tube station on august 30 2017 the night before my 10 year old rabbit passed away.let me start from the beginning on aug 2 2017 I had extensive oral surgery and have not returned to my full time job yet because of complications. On aug 5  my 1 year old cat got hit by a car and the driver never stopped,aug 28 my 15 year old husky passed away At home this dog I raised since birth because I owned the mother  and then my wonderful rabbit Gabe passed 2 days later and the previous month I lost gabes 5 year old baby , can I just sat through my most difficult times when I felt like I hit bottom but Brent you have made me accept a All of this and I can lol at it differently.when I walk every night  I listen to you videos and I’m going to keep on doing it .i really wish I could buy all your books but I can’t because I spent 10,000 on my teeth maybe someday I will get them let me say you are a true inspiration thank you so much from the bottom of my heart that you helped me through a rough time in my life sincerely yours  Kathy Llewellyn.

Petra Lutz  Hello from Germany dear Brent…my husband and I just watched your YouTube Vlog #223 and it was just as if you spoke directly to us and for us…we are very very sad and couldn’t stop crying after we had to help our Nina to transition yesterday afternoon. Only 13 month after our first dog We are so very grateful for you and your wisdom….Please feel hugged from the bottom of our hearts

Nicky Davies Hello! Not sure if you’ll ever see this but I might be helping my gorgeous girl transition tomorrow as she Is ill and it’s not long since we had the same thing happen to my other boy last year. Just want to say thabk you from the bottom of my heart that I found your videos they’ve changed my outlook and just put my mind at so much ease. I showed my sister and she feels the same. God bless you xx

Geri Domenick Beautiful!! Thank you so much Brent. You have helped me and countless others more than you can ever know with your wonderful videos and all that you do.

Janet Coke Yes. You are a beautiful lady. And person. Thanks for being there for me it’s been 2months June 12idont know what I would have done without you in still lost still missing. My cat. Whisper miss him every day when I listing to your. Show utube it helps my. Heart is broken always. Never be the same

Hi Brent thanks for adding me. I lost my Sophie this Tuesday it’s so heavy on our hearts I’ve had 3 things happen today from pictures in my mind orbs and stuff falling over your videos are so helpful I’m glad I found you. With love from England…oh your home is gorgeous and love your fashion sense fabulous xx  Anita Eyre UK

5/20     Gina Papaioannou    I joined to your companion as my beloved dog Tammy ,died last week, after 13 years of common living. I feel her next to me, iam sure that she wants to contact with us. She sends little signs all the time, like feathers! I discovered you and your books on the net. I am going to read your book ” After death signs from pet afterlife and animals in heaven” i ordered it and i can’t wait to read it. Greatings from Greece!

5/19    maria roverso even though I miss holding my baby it’s nice to think my sasha is still right beside me …you are awesome Brent! greetings from el Salvador

5/18  Monkeyland03  We are blessed that you are doing this. Mother Mary and Jesus Christ love and blessings to you Brent Atwater eternally!

5/17    I have recently lost my little chi a week ago in a very horrible way. A friend recommended your YouTube channel and books and they have helped me so much . Although I feel so lost without her.  Martha Isela Brzozowski

5/16   Diane Roth This is a great video as I know a few people who simply do not believe in animal afterlife. They are truly missing out!

5/15   Matt Glumac 200! Wow this channel is going strong. Brent your words have helped me so much through these last several months and I truly appreciate it. How’s Friend doing?

5/14   Kelly Stokes    Thank you so much for all the kindness you and your followers have given me after our lose. I had no idea that there is such a strong support out in computer land.

5/13    thank you brent! you give me hope! I’m still in the hospital ,will be for a while ,difficult to talk at the moment!I’m a mess lost my baby Macleod,in april ,it was violent and horrible I can get over it much love to you !talk to ya soon  Caroline Gianini

5/12     M Ice  At first I was a little skeptical, Being raised in a strong religious household it is difficult to believe in anything else or communicating with spirits, But my bond with my cat-daughter was and is so strong, I know she sends me signs and is alive and well. Thank you Brent for opening my eyes.

5/11   Cindy WH-Witter  Great information as always Brent ? My heart was so in beat with my little man Pancho’s and even after he passed, (it paralyzed me because of my love for him and it hurt so much), it took me 3 years to realize he was pointing me to another little Chi who needed help and love. I see so much of Pancho’s spirit in my Ben and I just love him to pieces.

5/10     Marta Grabas Brent Atwater I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful books especially Animal Reincarnation Animal Life After Death which gives me lots of positive energy in this pain I’m going through after my tiny Ayushi has passed away 6 weeks ago.  Thanks to your book I’m getting back my inner peace. THANK YOU.

5/09     tearose mom   Very soon after I was told my beautiful cat, Julia, had died, I was so distraught…out of the blue I did a search on YouTube about pet loss, and I found your videos. Everything I have watched has made sense to me…I already believed that living things have a physical body and energy being/body/spirit inside that can never be destroyed and lives on. My husband calls it “the flow” (how everything is made of energy, and the spiritual plane is where our energy lives on, lives in a different frequency that we can’t see normally.) I just joined your Facebook group and I hope I can find a way for me to connect with Julia again. Love and light…

5/08     maria roverso  great video as usual Brent i never though about life after death until i found your videos i lost my baby over a month ago i wanted to die to go to the rainbow bridge to be with her but since i found you i have a new purpose i need to be here because someday my baby could come back to me, thank you for taking the time to help so many people who are in pain

5/07     M Ice  At first I was a little skeptical, Being raised in a strong religious household it is difficult to believe in anything else or communicating with spirits, But my bond with my cat-daughter was and is so strong, I know she sends me signs and is alive and well. Thank you Brent for opening my eyes.

5/06  Martina Campi  Thank you Brent.

5/05    Firstly, I would like to thank you so much for creating your videos on Youtube. I respect you so much. Your videos have helped me so much to cope with my cat’s death, Nyung-Nyung. I have been a wreckage since he passed. I even thought of dying to be with him but your videos made me smile, changed my perspective, opened my heart, changed me, and gave me so much hope. My name is Ayundita Muncar Batari from Indonesia

5/04     Dobiekisses If it were not for Brent Atwaters videos I would be so lost. She has helped me beyond words. You just have to have an open mind and believe what she says because it really is so true. Thank you Brent, with all my heart I am so grateful for what you do!

5/03   Ces  You’re so helpful. Thank you!

5/02    Jo Alex Sg  Thank you so much for your blessed work, enlightening people about the souls of non humans, their life in the Beyond and how they keep loving us even from there!!

5/01  Angelina D   Running into this video has already helped me some. ty

4/30  Maria Ray  Brent your right it was no accident that I came across your site. My/our Baby girl Freyja had her Paws all over this Guiding me … You have Helped me and our family especially Freyja’s life long Buddy Gabriel who she grew up with…. I could write a book about how your advice has brought us Comfort and how I have learned from your Gift to see The signs Freyja send to us. saving money to have a session with you ??? Brightest of Blessings to You Anastasia

4/29    Deborah Keeney  I like ur style

4/28    Slinglling  Brent you are truly brilliant, thank you so much

4/27     Diane Roth  Hi Brent thank you so much for all your very supportive videos

4/26    Ayundita Batari  Oh My God Ms. Brent, I just can’t thank you enough for making these videos. My beloved cat Nyung-Nyung died just three days ago. I was so devastated. I couldn’t stop crying and feeling like I have failed him and I’ve lost him forever but your videos have helped me so much to see that I never have lost him. He’s still with me and always will. Immediately after my boyfriend buried him, we immediately got signs from him for two days in a row. On the first day, I heard his voice meowing to me like how he

4/25   Virginia L Barry  Sending you so much heartfelt gratitude Brent for the messages you share and work you are doing to help us all connect and heal.

4/24   Ms.Atwater,  I have thoroughly enjoyed your videos on you tube .  They have helped me immensely to process all my thoughts and feelings as one of my animals shed his fur suit , as you have said. Terry Austin, Utah

4/23   moon hen  Brent, thank you so so much! This concept of continuing life energy truly resonates w me. i am so eager to read more about it. Thank you again.

4/22  Shannon Sweeney  Brent I just discovered your channel last week when my Lulu made her transition. I love the creativity you use in these. I love that they are short. And I love the outfits that you wear or don’t LOL!

4/21   Mauritius Lover  I love ur videos Ma’am.U r the one who taught me how to focus and try to connect with my pet Roxy.I love reading ur book and ur videos are as much helpful.

4/20  Ruby AnimalLover Nice video!!!

4/19    Deb Waddell Young  I just want to take a minute to thank you Brent Atwater! I lost my sweet Westie, Sophie, last Saturday, and on that day I also found your website and videos. You have been such a complete comfort to me. I’ve seen many signs from my girl, and hoping to see, and feel, many more. Thank you SO much!

4/18   Sue Ferguson Thankyou Brent,your commitment and dedication is wonderful,I can feel Cookie around my ankles at work at the end of the day as if he is saying”get a wiggle on,you can do this”.I love these times when I feel him close,its wonderful xx

4/17 Julie Cochran You are such an inspiration. If not for you I’d still be in such a deep pit of despair and grief. Thank you so much!

4/16  Holly Degner Thank you for the reminder, Brent Atwater! You are always such a burst of positivity and kindness

4/15   Chelsea Gray Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us. Your books and videos have pulled me out of a deep depression and helped so many others that were feeling the same way after our best friends transitioned.

4/14  Hi Brent my name is Demi and i lost my beautiful angel Bella tragically to a dog who was not leashed. I am devastated and i cannot express it enough she was my soulmate and i knew that every time i looked in her eyes. I want to thank you for helping me through watching you on utube.You are amazing and have drawn to you tremendously. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart
Demi Rizzo, AU

4/13   Hello Brent, My name is Véronique from France. I just lost Charlie, my little Yorkshire dog. I am devastated by sorrow.  Your work is fabulous. Thank you so much for helping us. From the depths of my soul THANK YOU. Cordially. Véronique  vandreu.80

4/12   I appreciate your videos…they’ve been a huge help to me. ? Denise Bond

4/11   Your videos have helped me so much. Thank you.  Trinnie Maldonado

4/10     Rob Nanney I think that you providing your extraordinary insight in answering qustions on Youtube videos would be so amazing and even the people just watching would be touched.

4/09    Holly Degner Brent’s book After Death Signs changed my life and the way I have coped with my losses. Brent Atwater is an angel among us for giving us these tools. I am so sorry for your loss, and hope that you find peace and comfort that helps ❤️?

4/08  Alice Min  Thank you so much for your videos. I was in my bed all day and not able to eat anything after my dog has passed and when I started to watching your videos, I have got up and eat. I also purchased your book and got signs from him. Although he sent me butterflies ? as sign and a day later I got a new puppy. I am not sure if the new puppy is my old dog, but like you said, pets come to you to learn. So, I am starting to laugh again and busy trying to figure out if this new puppy is my old dog. Well, I cannot thank you enough! I appreciate all you do!

4/07  Lori Green  u r soo funny Brent..always there there when we need u ..it’s soo obvious u get us all ..thank u soo much xoxo

4/06   e9s42tv69mo  Brent, you are such a sweet lady full of Light! Thank you for sharing this info! Your words help so much! =^..^=

4/05   Patrick Petrowsky  I absolutely LOVE you and your channel. But, dads grieve, as well.

4/04  Thanks for all you do in helping all of us at the sight. You are very very appreciated! Rebecca Johnson Evans

4/03   Hi Brent, thanks. I am reading you after death signs book with great interest, thanks for your sharing, Blessings from France, Harpe Therapie Isabelle Guettres

4/02 Christine Oberbeck   Brent, I want to say a VERY special Thank You!!! Without you I never would have known that my Ellie was still here with me. I believe completely that I was sent here, no coincidence. A wonderful member of our group who I only know as “Kim” read a post I made about losing a pet from an article and suggested I come here. Because of you Brent I now know how to talk to my little girl, the signs to look for and ultimately the connection Ellie and I have now and forever. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!

4/01   Diane Roth Brent you have helped me so much I cannot thank you enough. I thought I could never go on with my life without Bonnie but since I have found you and watched so many of your videos my heart is healing and I now know that she is wrapped around me forever. I have ordered your book of learning the signs and how to connect to my baby cannot wait for my journey to begin, thank you! 🙂

3/31   Maria Diaz   You can’t imagine how your words have helped me with the transition of my dead cat. I’m pretty grateful. Namaste

3/30  A M R  you are such a beautiful soul, this really opened my eyes. Thanks so much for your videos and time.

3/29   Lesley Gilligan Brent you can only help people so much, we also have to have some self help too.. I have and am having sad times, I could not thank each and every one of you enough.. I have had some signs from Millie as you have taught us in your Fab book.. Every word you say is true, knowing I have my baby All around me gives me so much Comfort.. Thank you Love and Light xx

3/28   Hello Brent!  I’m So glad I found you one day while grieving from the loss of my dear baby girl Harley JeannMarie Reyes my schnauzer??? she means everything to me and when I saw your YouTube video I still cried however felt much release from the pain( even though I remember everything that happened???).  please send me Your newsletter I’ve been waiting for a long time to get it I even filled out the little form online Thank you for sharing your gift with us????? Maxine E. Reyes=

3/27  Nikki Fuller Adams I had a reading and it was life changing. But all of this experience has been. If you can, do it. If you can’t don’t despair, my healing started the instant I started reading the books and watching Brent’s videos.

3/26   Dawn Xxx  I have your books ? and they have helped me a lot, Thank you ☺ Brent

3/25  Anyway….I just mainly wanted to thank you for your videos because they have helped me a lot. I would love to do a reading, but my schedule is so unpredictable I don’t know how that would work.
Take care and hope to talk to you soon… Denise ?

3/24   Of Paragons virtuous essence   my longings never seese they are immense I know extreme heartache please watch a video I posted of my angel, I did the very best I could but spent 24 hours almost and after I made his video I could only watch a few seconds and it’s 8 minutes. Idk how I was able to gather my self enough to do so it was just so important to me thanks Brent been watching for a full year now it feels like one long nightmare day idk how I even got here it was hell honestly but Brent somehow really did help me

3/23   sasquiaa   gaynor cooper its really hard when you loose someone you love so much. Brent doesnt know but she basically saved my life with her amazing videos. Because all I wanted is to go with my fur baby, i was (and still am) lost without him. Take care x

3/22  tom neal  Hi Ms Atwater….I wish I had seen this back in August. I lost my TC girl kitti July 26 9:33 PM. She came to me not long after my being medevaced home from Iraq in 04. She has been my BEST therapist and teacher and friend…….Then I was told kind of like what you said in your message above , what if she returns and I am gone. I have since stopped thinking about such things. I still have 2 or 3 questions I would love answered from her but oh well….anyway….for anyone out there LISTEN TO WHAT MS ATWATER SAID!!! It makes TOTAL sense. I know…I have been there, done that, and got the T-shirt…… Thank you ma’am for all your You tubes and books I have gone through. Take care…and bless you.

3/21    Cate Blanchard   Thank you for helping me so much

3/20   Prescot Love  My boy sends me signs at very special times that can only be from him. We are forever…..thank you Brent….he is my mine only ? love ?.

3/19   Aleena Nazeer Hello brent, seeing you fills me with such a happinessyou are an angel

3/18  gaynor cooper  brent!!!!you are amazing imjust so happy that i will see my pets again tytyxx<3xx

3/17     Debra Malinovsky  Thank for such wonderful videos ♥ I now watch for signs from my angle girl that I may have missed without these videos. I saw cardinals right away on my news feed on facebook, I received a white feather, when walking my other dog I looked in the sky and saw what looked like two angle wings and a head that looked like her head. I may have overlooked some of the signs without seeing the videos and it has brought such comfort in such rough times. ♥

3/16   sasquiaa  gaynor cooper its really hard when you loose someone you love so much. Brent doesnt know but she basically saved my life with her amazing videos. Because all I wanted is to go with my fur baby, i was (and still am) lost without him. Take care x

3/15   Prescot Love  Thank you Brent.. .you are an angel goddess. …? ? ?

3/14   Patrick Petrowsky  It’s been really difficult to get over that speed bump. Even though I’m a paranormal investigator and know and believe what you say. Listening to you has definitely helped. Thank you, Brent.

3/13   Thank you, Brent. I didn’t know of you until yesterday and seemed to find you by ‘accident’. I watched a few of your videos and was immediately uplifted  Raya McGeorge

3/12   Prescot Love  Thank you Brent…you helped me thru the loss of my soulmate , Prescott, last summer. ? ?

3/11   wendy lee Williams  Hi Ms Brent Atwater. I was impressed by you and your articulate and meaningful pet communication youtube posts. My Collie, Laddi whom I had been with for over ten years recentyl passed away after nearly six months of excruciating pain and died a few days later after an amputation. Had I gone to his original vet, he might be alive today. I was foolish and stupid to have listened to vet from a university professor and another local vet who referred me to that stranger surgeon as reliable. Everything there were signs of red flags but I dismissed those negative feelings, deadly wrongly thinking the referral was okay. I am so sorry to Laddi. I had not intended on him dying this horrible death. I feel he would have lived longer had he met a right surgeon. I am so terribly sorry and I wonder what he says. He has appeared in white spirit form to my mother. His face and his amputated leg. But, he has not appeared to me, yet. Yes, my heart aches due to my wrong choice.
3/10   wendy lee Williams  Thank you for your great works of healing the broken hearts. I was in tears, but changing the negativity to positivity helped.

3/09    SSH Max  Love seeing how Fran keeps appearing on the right side of the screen on and off near the door, especially his little black nose! ?I’m such a big fan of Fran as much as I am of Brent. As for Brent I ALWAYS appreciate your videos which are full of love and positiveness.God bless Brent and Fran.

3/08   Gianna Verito  Hi..how about Long Island? I too would love to meet you and have a reading done. I find you amazing, so glad I found your channel. You have changed my life,and have comforted me more then you will ever know. Thank you Brent for all the work you do. Keep up the great work…and thank you.

3/07  Jaxx ptrs  +Brent Atwater , Hi, Thank you for this, I would love to have a reading done, but do you know if you will be traveling to mass? Thank you again,

3/06   Dawn Xxx  Hi Brent! I want to thank you so much for helping me after the loss of my dog Jan, 9th I’ve read your books “I’m home” and ” After Death signs” it helped me realize that there really IS life after death! I’ve seen it, heard it, smelled it! And most recently caught it on my camera, you’re the best Brent, thank you ❤️

3/05  Momo  Great video! Everything you said is true! I’m sure this will help people understand what readings are all about. ?

3/04   Everett Lively  If there ever was a pet loss video that was important. This is the one

3/03     nikki fuller  Thanks Brent! I honestly don’t know where I would be without you.

3/02   Marilyn Unlisted  Thanks Brett every once in a while even after a few years, we still get set backs on grief. Was missing the physical side of Cheyenne tonight…Glad you posted. You’re always on the heartbeat of what we need…xoxo

3/01   david banner Thank you so much Brent, this just happened to reach at the exact right time. It is sooooo very, very helpful!

2/28  Ces  I’m glad you are joyful; your videos always make me feel good, even when I feel my worst and your advise is so incredibly helpful. I look forward to them all. It’s been 4 months now and I miss my boy every day.   Thank you!

2/27   nikki fuller  Thanks Brent! I honestly don’t know where I would be without you.

2/26  Brent,  Because of your guidance, what I thought would be soul crushing was only a little heart crushing. My first pet Rhiannon, transitioned last week. I don’t even remember how I found you but thank goodness I did and reading your recent book and watching your hilarious YouTube videos have lightened the blow. I’ve heard her meow three different times and I’ve seen her twice,  not to mention I feel her presence   When the vet gave her the first shot to ‘relax her’ I could tell her soul left at that moment. I was only holding a fur shell. I’m glad that she wasn’t around for the lethal shot.   Keep of the good work, you are a God send. My best,  Annette

2/25  Mauritius Lover  I love ur videos Ma’am.U r the one who taught me how to focus and try to connect with my pet Roxy.I love reading ur book and ur videos are as much helpful. I hope You will continue to make videos and write many more books in future.

2/24    Dawn Xxx  Thank you ☺ Brent, I have been receiving signs since studying your books, I’m so grateful to you!

2/23  Trish Wild You have saved my broken heart!! I look at Bert leaving his fur suit soooo differently now! Thanks from the bottom of my healed heart!

2/22  I will. I lost my beloved Maska my soulmate three days ago. You have shown me how to connect to him I can feel him with me now and it gives me great comfort. I can’t believe how I found you when I needed to so much. Bless you xx  Julie Bourne

2/21    Thank You again! you truly are a gift on this planet. I hope to meet you one day, in this life or the next. Namaste! Melanie Cui

2/20  Pandamonia Band  YOu are helping so much. You are a miracle.

2/19  Samantha Cerasoli  Thank you. You change lives.

2/18 Vivian zeh Thank you Brent. You are helping me gain clarity through this very difficult grieving process. My “Love,” Basil Grace left her fur suit Nov. 23, 2016. I can feel her presence so strongly. But I long to see her eyes.?

2/17  The more I listen to your videos, audios, read your blogs, books, etc, the better I feel. Every day, some times many times a day, I’m following the advice and steps you’ve outlined. I’ve found many beautiful signs from my beloved Gracie. You are very entertaining, compassionate and uplifting. I appreciate your humor.  Many blessings, Laura d Brown

2/16 Sophie Goulet  Good morning Brent !! I wish to thank you for the time and energy you put into your little videos. I have spent the last week listening to them and it has brought me so much comfort and understanding. I lost my dearest cat, whom I loved with all my heart.  But nothing could have prepared me for the emptiness I felt when I came home from the vet. It was like someone had ripped my heart and guts out…the pain was unbearable. We had a very strong and special connection…I truly believe he is now my “mine only pet” 🙂 I always got comments from people as to the energy and connection between Spittt and me. I am so thankful for the unconditional love, gentleness and happiness Spittt brought me. I have been in peace since I listened to your videos, I look out for the signs and I talk to him all the time. Again thank you…you’re an angel Sophie

2/15 Heather Leigh ·  Thank you, Brent. You always help me.

2/14 Krista Dunlop ·  Hi Brent … Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with all of us. ??

2/13 Heather Smith ·Your words have been so inspirational! I so appreciate all you do!

2/12 Marta Hoshell · Hi from Chicago! Thank you for sharing your Beautiful knowledge!

2/11 Ulrike Brügmann · Thank you so very much for everything you’re doing for us, Brent!!!

2/10 Angela Anew ·  Beautiful…comforting and so enlightning as always..Thank you Brent Atwater the Animal Medium….

2/9 Su Su Tin My Boy Rusty left 6 weeks and one day ago but I’m still crying and crying miss him so much. Thank you Brent for this video before I think my self why I’m still crying nearly everyday. Yours Video are help me a lot me and Mr. Rusty (the Cat).xxx

2/8 Liette K Thank you for helping me understand❤❤❤

2/7  Sherry Hawkins-Smith   Hi Brent,  Thank you so much for putting out all the YouTube videos. They have made me feel better after losing my 16 year old cat on Sept 5th. Those visitation dreams are so real & vivid. All I have wanted to do after she passed is to get online & read about pet spirits. I really Love all your

messages & your quick witted sense of humor ?❤️  Thank you for doing what you do & helping those that desperately need it. God bless you & your team. ?????❤️ Love, Sherry

2/6 Angie Phillips  Hi Brent, I’m contacting you from the Lake District in England and wanted to let you know that your radio programmes have been a comforting support since losing my furry friend in November. My partner found her in the garden, near the house one afternoon but she was already gone. I randomly came across your Facebook page days after her passing and have since bought your book too. Thank you for the wonderful things you do to help heal people’s hearts.

2/5 Maria Elena Sorrentino ·  You helped heal my heart when I lost my fur baby

2/4 Claudia Schwarz Shelton ·  We love what you do for us ??

2/3 Carmen Blais ·  I love you brent

2/2 Tara Sentes ·  Bless you

2/1 Rachel Schamberger ·  Love ya, Brent! Thanks for all you do!

1/31 Tanya Hudson Ford ·  Thank you from my heart in helping me. from Newfoundland Canada

1/30   Liette Lafleur-Keller ·  Since watching your videos I feel more at peace since the passing of my Quin 3 days ago I’m learning to change my tears into happy memories looking forward to your books I’m going to buy them thank you for helping guide me

1/29  Sapna Mehra I love you Brent…thanks for your support

1/28  Helen Wallage Thank you so much for that Brent. I still don’t really understand about why it takes so long for change, for instance all those poor seal pups that are clubbed to death every year, and for what? Is it because humans are such slow learners, or don’t want to change? I hate all this cruelty so much, some of the images never leave your mind. Anyway, thank you again Brent, you are a great help and a calming influence xx ??

1/27  Dawn Xxx1 amazing! I have smelt, felt, and heard my dog who passed last week! I’m ordering the books next week, this is incredible, thank you so much Brent!!

1/26   Marilyn Unlisted This was a really informative and very thorough one Brent! Thanks as always! You’re wonderful!

1/25  Sandrinha R. K. To me was strange because he was alive and before like two or three days I saw his orbe (my Cat). I dont know if this is normal but happened to me. Thanks for everything Brent! ☺️❤️?

1/24  56 Ava1 Just lost my pet who I loved dearly…..I am in grief……I am watching all your healing videos. Thank you for helping me.

1/23  J.A. Dowell I just had to put my dog down yesterday his spleen ruptured do to cancer. I’m a light worker myself and thought I would be ok cuz I know all that Brent is saying is true but my heart is aching and I’m just crying and so depressed. Thank you Brent for bringing your energy to us !
1/22  Mark MHi Brent, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your videos They have brought me so much relief.. My 2 gorgeous Jacks, Jessie & Roxy transitioned late last year 10 weeks apart, both just over 15yrs of age. I buried their fav yellow rubber Spalding ball with them. In the last 5 months I have found 6 yellow rubber Spalding balls just laying in parks in Sydney and on the street. I stared at the sky and asked them for a shooting star, since that day I have seen 3… AMAZING as I hadn’t seen a shooting star for 20 years. THANK YOU for all you do you are an ANGEL! Mark x
1/21  PinkBabyGlam 6989  Brent you truly are a God sent ? I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate you . I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do and all that you are . You have truly helped me through one of the hardest parts of my life . Day by day I’m able to feel a little more at ease .. and that is all because of you. . You deserve so much more recognition than you do get already . You truly are a beautiful woman inside and out . It’s been so hard coping with the loss of my best friend Layla. She may have been just a dog to some people but she was more than that to me . Honestly I didn’t look at her like a dog I looked at her almost as a human . She had this special energy and love to her that was so unique that it’s almost indescribable. When I lost my dog I felt like my world came crashing in . Days later I looked up how to cope with the loss of a pet and there you were . From that day forward I have came back over and over again to watch and to learn all that you have to share . I bought your book as well and read it every chance I get . It’s helped me just as much as your videos have . Anyway I know I’ve wrote a book but I wanted to take the time to thank you . I hope you see this and know how special you are and that your words are heard . Big hugs xoxo take care

1/20  The more I listen to your videos, audios, read your blogs, books, etc, the better I feel. Every day, some times many times a day, I’m following the advice and steps you’ve outlined. I’ve found many beautiful signs from my beloved Gracie. You are very entertaining, compassionate and uplifting. I appreciate your humor. Many blessings, Laura

1/19 Hi Brent, My name is Lani and I’m 13. Recently my soulmate cat got put down and I have some questions to ask you and if you do appointments. Thank you so much. The work you do is amazing! Thanks  Lani

1/18  jbrett yoo  The more i think about my dog who passed away in last july, the more i feel that i didn’t deserve such lovely dog in my lfe. It is wonderous that i am still crying, thank you, Brent.You are the gem.

1/17 Martina Campi  Thanks Brent, you and your authenticity in sharing and teaching always bring relief, dealing with this “huge bowl”. Thank you.

1/16  sijoka2008  I just lost my cat last Sunday . Your videos I have helped me sooooooo much . I am still heart broken . Taking it day by day, but this video help me a lot too. Thank you so much . Oh and last night I had a dream of my cat too . Open mind to read the signs

1/15  Boudiccaization Mcmuffin  My beloved boy went missing and passed away on the 16th November I have periods of guilt or more closely regret over his passing. Your videos and book has been a massive help to me and what you say really resonates with my intuition. Thanks for helping me and countless other people with their companions transition.

1/14  Hi to Brent and all your wonderful staff  Last i would like the thank Brent for making my heart ache a bit easier molly was 16 and i miss every day.  hanks again you all do such a wonderful job healing hearts Cheer Julie Reid Australia xx

1/13 PinkBabyGlam  Brent I want to take the time to tell you thank you ? thank you for all that you do . You have helped me get through the most difficult time of my life . I have your book sitting next to my dogs urn that just recently passed away . I’m slowly but surely reading it every chance that I get . Big hugs

1/12  Irina Ivasik Hi Brent Atwater and the Amazing team behind this wonderful community & of course the Members! Members who support and go through the same and understand how important this community really IS.  At this time I feel I can ‘sign off’ from here (or at least I think so) as I feel I’ve gotten to where I need to be and couldn’t of done it without All Your Kindness!!  hank you everyone for the best support and I will still be watching and catching up on Brent’s video’s but Bye for Now and hope I am stronger and more knowledgeable next time I come to the Saying Goodbye to my future Pet/S.  Wishing All existing and New future members to feel More Love from your pets in Spirit than you ever knew possible !??   Thank you Every One Xxx

1/11 Thank you so much cor this Brent!! It made such a difference in my life !!! I am connecting with my pet and getting signs.

1/10  Susan Reeves  I had tried this unsuccessfully several times. Tonight it was different Brent. For the first time, I could feel morning’s energy. Then I couldn’t feel it. Then after that I kept asking and I felt it four or five times more!!! I haven’t tried this for a few weeks because I had tried it several times and had no success. Somehow I was feeling before that it was almost impossible. WRONG!!! It has worked some so I am on my way for more practice until I can understand and feel my babies’energy more and better so I can actually get to hold her and pet her. I had felt it one time only a few weeks ago not sure of knowing it was it. I am so happy!!!  Thank you Brent!!! I am so thankful for being able to know and feel my baby here right beside me. We will be growing together in learning. We thank you and love you!!!

1/9  Elizabeth Raquel Sanchez I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found Brent’s YouTube. I tried to commit suicide after Penguin died, I’m ashamed to say. I still miss him fiercely, but I know he’s still around, and still my happy boy.

1/8  Tanya Hudson Ford Thank you Brent Atwater for your books. ???????

1/7  PinkBabyGlam 6989  Brent I want to take the time to tell you thank you ? thank you for all that you do . You have helped me get through the most difficult time of my life . I have your book sitting next to my dogs urn that just recently passed away . I’m slowly but surely reading it every chance that I get . Big hugs

1/6  Iris Fader  i love brent so much she has helped me understand sooo much about transition and I know my baby girl Lady and Baby Bear are still here with me Thank You Brent for sharing your gifts with the world you are amazing Hugs

1/5 Susan Reeves  Brent has really helped us more than I realized that could be possible.  We share a bond in this group and thanks to Brent we can keep learning and understanding more. It is wonderful how she can make us laugh at moments when we are sad. She has an incredible gift of pure love herself I think for both animals and people. Wherever you are, Brent, we thank you so much and love you too!! You are turning the darkness in our lives around to better understanding and some more joy again that we so much need!! Just for what you do is truly pretty awesome and incredible. You are turning all of our lives here around with your love and understanding.

1/4  Claudia Schwarz Shelton  Leesburg, SC    Brent Atwater thank you so much for that video , I felt so anxious and all I wanted to do was cry since Friday I had no apparent reason . Every time i cried it was over my Champie . I was better but out of no where my feelings changed for three days . Then I watched your video I was referred to. And it all makes sense . Before champ died he went outside and he was just sniffing up the sunlight the air and his head was tilted like oh this feels so good and he even got playful and played with a stick with me , like he used too. And 1 week later ? I thought for a moment he was getting better. I understand now . Memory Moments

1/3  Teresa Pendleton · 41:45 You are NEVER boring!!

1/2  Gabby A Barta · 7:08 ?Read your books ??love them.

1/1   Vongphachanh Vongphakdy ·  Ty so much xox happy new years live ya n enjoyed ur books

12/31 Denise Lymperis  My beloved Dianna just passed yesterday, and I found your website today. You are so comforting and uplifting, and I know she and all my other precious animals who have passed are still with me. Thanks very much, Denise.

12/30 Susan Goldfein Stein  Just had to put my dog down 2 days ago. I am so devastated. Harley was a seizure dog. He has been brave his whole life. After Christmas, Monday, when everyone left he went downhill fast. Found you on YouTube and I am following you on FB. Look forward to learning about pets who cross over. I do have his daughter, who is almost 13. Thank you! Just watching helped. So broken-hearted.

12/29 Tamara Kowal Thank you so much.. You are amazing, Brent.. I am so blessed to have found you.. Thank’s to my mine-only dog, Skye.. Your videos and books have changed me.. As soon as I found you and opened my heart and mind, I felt my Skye with me.. My heart is at peace.. <3

12/28  Barbara Schmidtke I have become addicted to watching your videos..they have been helping…thank you

12/27   Joanna K  Hi Brent thank you so much, you have no idea how much you help me out to get through the holidays this season. Also everything you say it is very important but little funny things like drinking that eggnog made me laugh so hard and stop being so serious about everything. Hope your holidays are Merry and Bright we love you

Tiffany Taylor  Hello, on Christmas Eve my dog of 17 years passed away. He was my best friend, I am truly heartbroken. I read your blogs and posts, and I felt okay again. that gave me hope that he is still with me acting like his crazy self I just cant see him. I just wanted to thank you

Susan Reeves You are wonderful, Brent!!!  You look so cute in the costume you have on to wish us all a Merry Christmas. I want to wish you one and because of learning from listening to you, you really made my day!!!! Had I not been listening and learning from you, mei ling, my little black shih tus would just have been at the Rainbow Ridge just waiting for me.  Brent. I am so thankful for learning from you and your help!!! I also am so thankful to still have the gift of mei ling still being with me. I am trying to learn to feel their energy and to understand telepathically what they want us to know.I thank you so much, Brent for helping us and for caring for and loving animals and people as much as you do. You are amazing and from the bottom of my heart I truly thank you! I have a feeling mei ling may be coming back to me to lesrn another lesson and be with me. I also hope and pray misty will be back with me safe and alive. when I am able, I will be contacting you for some help and guidance. It is very important that we understand what our pets really want to communicate to and with us to be able to understand them and their feelings better. There can be nothing any better than their unconditional love and care.

Carla Ribeiro Dear Brent, Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful Friend! Thank you for your teachings and for spreading love! <3

Marloes Poulus Merry Christmas to you both. Thank you so much for everything you taugth- and had me experience this year!

Rosemary Barnes Merry Christmas Brent and Friend! Thank you for your loving, supportive, and caring messages. You’ve really helped me and so many people who are missing their fur babies during the holidays. I make a concerted effort to talk to my baby boy, Moca and Precious my little girl kitty everyday as if they are with me in the room. I still miss them but it helps my heart a little believing that they are still around me and my husband. Have a happy holiday season! ??

12/26 Marcia Chapman  I am so thankful I found your teaching. I just lost the love of my life, my little pug Bella and you are helping me get through this very heartbreaking time.

Cindy Schmitt Koeppel Merry Christmas Brent! Love to you during this holiday season for all your hard work to help us heal and to learn to BELIEVE.

Anita Skladanova First Xmas this year without her beautiful fur coat but I feel n hear her quite often actually thanks to u Ms Brent ? Miss u Tilika

Sharon Girouard Thank you, Brent Atwater🙂 for making this world a much kinder & compassionate place to live in, for BOTH humans and furry boys & girls. Happy Holidays and much Love to you and all those you hold near and dear to your heart

Nancie Welsh Benson Merry Christmas Brent and Friend! I so appreciate the amazing work you are doing. You are always an inspiration to me. ??

12/25  Ces R I can’t thank you enough for these videos, your book, and podcast. I am still having a hard time dreaming about my beautiful boy Brady but I will keep trying. I do not want to wait a lifetime to be with him so will practice this teaching instead of the Rainbow Bridge theory.  Thank you … always!!

Deepa Gonzago  Thank you Brent and all the wonderful team members and the lovely family members here for all you do to help heal hearts like ours. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and my Zoya also says thank you to all of you for helping her mama to be with her all over again. i owe my life, my laughter and joy to you. i wouldnt have made it after my baby crossed over. i live today because i know she lives too and is by my side, this time forever and nothing, but nothing, not even death can take her from me. it’s amazing how she finds ways and means to show me she is alive and well and with me. Thank you from my heart to yours. Merry Xmas to all of you from Zoya and Deepa. love you all.

Becky Marsh Merry Christmas Brent and thank you for opening my eyes to knowing our passed pets want to be and are beside us all the time.

Amalie Brown Thank you, watching your videos means so much to me!

Carolyn Jones Brent, you’ve changed my life. Merry Christmas. Thanks for the gifts. I felt Symba walk on me. They sure are alive and well! xo

12/24  Lena Rasouli  Of all your videos, the candlelighting one I have found to be the most positive, helping humans to move forward, not wasting any energy crying, feeling sad, but being hopeful, thankful! And that’s why you are always so sweet, encouraging and fresh! Thank you, Brent! & Happy Holidays!

Kimmy Kimbo Carmichael Have A Wonderful Christmas <3 I Can’t Express What A Difference You’ve Made To My Life <3 Lots Of Love Kimmy & Moomin <3

12/23  l Z1   Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so much for all your videos. My dog died last sunday, and your videos are helping me so much. Please don’t ever stop making videos, you’re helping so many people. hugs from Brazil.

Roche Dye Hi Mrs. Brent atwater, hope you notice me I’m an animal lover, i just watch your videos about pet loss, Because my pet are loss few days ago I just want to know that how can I communicate with my dog. Thank youuuu !

12/22  Donna Padgett  I love all your videos. They are helping me so much. Thank You Brent.

Bernadette Grethel Condesa-Lacea  Hello Brent! I came across your website when I was struggling to find comfort in people who might understand the grief after losing a beloved pet. I am Bernadette from the Philippines. I wanted to comment on your facebook posts to be helpful.

12/21 Tanya Hudson Ford Your beautiful. Thank you for guidance this past week with my fur baby transition

12/20  charlotte miller  Thank you for helping me and so many!

12/19  Dagny Grant Love you Brent…thank you for everything you do. <3

12/18  Dee73kz1 Thanks for the upload. sadly this will be my first Christmas since my Misty transitioned. Miss her terribly. To honor her I have hung a siamese cat ornament on my tree. I love your decorations by the way and your dog! 🙂 He seems very laid back!!

12/17  swapna ghag  hello Brent,i watch your videos. they r vry imformative. thank you so much for it. i have a question. is it possible for a pet baby to not know his/her passing over time? like,is it possible that even he/she is taken away suddenly without her knowing like us humans? wish you and friend a awsm and merry christmas nd very happy new year. hes looking cute as always

12/16 Elaine Pontes é verdade nós encontramos este grupo e juntos nos apoiamos e fortalecemos obrigada, Brent Atwater It’s true we found this group and together we support and we thank you, Brent Atwater

12/15  Your videos made such a difference in my grieving:) Sara Welch

12/14  Susan Reeves  I lobe you dearly too Brent!! When i had to put my little shil tsu to sleep, it was the hardest thing i have ever done in my life.For almost two weeks, I was in such deep grief. All I could do was cry uncontrolably, the silent years just kept coming, then started to slow down a bit. I have seen a shadow twice out of the corner of my right eye and one day the fan came on by itself when it was cold. Thanks to you I am learning and know she is around. I habe to learn more with you. Thank you so much for your very kind and loving help for all of us who habe lost our pets!!!!

12/13 Sandrinha R. K. This happened to me… ?Thank you

12/12  Sandrinha R. K.   Thank God I found you Brent! ??

12/11  Senor Muhnkey I believe this.  For two days after my dog’s death almost 8 weeks ago, a butterfly followed me and my other dog on our walk and wouldn’t leave our side.  I called out to him “Brady is that you?”  this video is so touching.   Thank you Brent again. Glad I found you!  Ces.  Thank you again Brent! Your videos continue to guide me through this tough period. Your book is arriving tomorrow and I hope my “Yet” will turn into “I got a sign.”

12/10 Thank you Brent, much appreciated. Life seems like a Barron wasteland without him, I do watch your videos & they’re comforting, covering this situation so many find themselves in. Thanks Again. Brett Townsend

12/9  Hi Brent, I found you a few years ago when I lost my first pet and have been extremely comforted by your books and online support  Stephanie Beyette  From Ogdensburg, NY

12/8  Hello Brent. Your help page and group are amazing ❤ Carla Susana

12/7  Really loved your whole presentation on suicide with pet loss. The camera perspective and your message are always helping us to live everyday without our soul pet. Thank you. xo  Lisa L

12/6  Hello i watched some of your videos and they are very good  Katelynn Budny

12/5  Hi I stumbled across your pet loss videos. And would like to thank you. The guilt I’ve been having is awful.Jennifer Legacy

12/4  Dear Brent. I would like to thank you for all your videos. I have been listening to them regliously since the 21.3.16 the date my Bonnie girl was run over. Michael Kerrie

12/3  Hi Brent, Thank you so much for putting out all the YouTube videos. They have made me feel better after losing my 16 year old cat.  Thank you for doing what you do & helping those that desperately need it. God bless you & your team. Sherry Hawkins-Smith

12/2    Hi Brent, Words cannot express my appreciation for your videos and books that have helped me a lot through the loss of Chili Pepper and Tequila Kiss. THANK YOU!!! God bless you for the wonderful work you do.    Thanks, Martha V. Canelon, Jacksonville, Florida

12/1  Trudy Sparks  Brent Atwater you are healing hearts in so many ways. My husband passed in April 2001. Around Christmas time that year I saw him sitting in his chair. It was very brief and it was like he was surprised I caught him here. When I described it to people all I could say was he looked gray. NOW 15 years later from you I know that’s the steam form you describe. This isn’t animal related but I wanted to know how much you have helped me. I am still learning through grief. Thank you. I know I was led here to this wonderful group.

11/30 Dobiekisses    If it were not for Brent Atwaters videos I would be so lost. She has helped me beyond words. You just have to have an open mind and believe what she says because it really is so true. Thank you Brent, with all my heart I am so grateful for what you do! <br>

11/29  Sonia Maldonado Kercado feeling amazed. Brent Atwater thank you! I must say I have seen my Kiki’s energy in the form of an orb! I have also smelled her and seen her form across the floor towards the water bowl I have for my other doggy. One night not long ago I asked her to “speak” to me and I heard a far away woof! I asked her again and again she responded! I have also felt her two paws on my chest! I am overjoyed!

11/28  Diane Passaro     I have been crying a lot most days thinking about my furbaby that passed on 7 months ago..I just saw your video tonight, and it’s as if I was sent here to see this video..I know and feel that my furbaby is still around me..I feel him everyday, and yes I do cry thinking of him..Now I know for sure he is always with me, Thanks Brent for your uplifting words.

11/27    Mark M  You’re fabulous Brent! Your videos saved me… Thank you so much.. 🙂  I love you Brent you a wonderful woman! I agree with and believe everything you say. I lost my two gorgeous Jack russell’s Jessie & Roxy, they were both 15 and died 10 weeks apart, my heart is broken… I can feel them all the time. I get rushes through my body when I say their names and my arm hair stands on end. Though its no-where near as fun without the fur suit, licks, love and cuddles I received when they were here. Thank you for answering some un answered questions in your videos. Im half way through your book and Im hoping to meet you some day. Mark (Sydney Australia)

11/26   Polyxeni Vryoni   thank you I am having a very painful time watch my little westie toby have the westie lung disease all your videos help me to keep strong god bless you

11/25  Carmen Blais Brents videos helped me sleep at nite

11/24  Hi Ms. Atwater,  First, I need to let you know that you have saved my life. I lost my beautiful pug of 6 years suddenly last week and am devastated over this. I found your website and  have been watching your videos. Thank you, thank you, thank you for teaching us about the afterlife our pets have and how they are still with us.    Marcia Chapman

11/23 Soraya A44  My dog tila passed when I took her to the vet to remove stones from her bladder. The vet said she was fine until they were ready to sew her back up that’s when her heart stopped. I’ve been watching your videos and they have helped to calm me and get a better understanding of what happened and how to cope. She was only 8 when she passed which is so young. I wish she would have been in my life longer. I do feel her presence and warmth in my heart which gives me peace. Thank you for your videos.

11/22 Debbie Scollick Brent Atwater, thank you so much for your videos. All of your videos have helped me tremendously through the loss of my dear Bobo. Every time I struggled with a memory of her prior to her death, I felt guilt of what I could have done to change the outcome. then I would be on youtube and one of your amazing videos would present itself to me without me searching for it. I know it’s my Bobo guiding me to your videos. She has given me some signs that she is here in spirit and it is comforting. I would give anything to have her with me again. She was like my child. Bless you for what you give to everyone. thank you for your warm loving welcome to this group.


11/19 Michelle DeSantis   Snuggles sent me multiple signs when I was in my home office eariy this morning, mainly through Brent’s podcasts, which I had playing on ITunes while I was multitasking. I repeatedly heard the message that we don’t “put down” our pets, but instead help them leave their fur suit. (Earlier in the evening I’d written a friend and mentioned having to put Snuggles down.) I needed to hear that message because I’ve been missing Snuggles badly and feeling guilty about having to let her go. I also heard someone who I think is a member of this group telling a story about having to put her horse down and having a bichon there as an angel dog during the horse’s transition. Snuggles was part bichon! I used to call her my boo boo bear, and at one point I was listening to a podcast about someone’s transitioned cat named Bear. Oddly enough, during another segment I was listening to, there was a woman talking about getting a new dog, and right in the middle of her sentence, without my doing a thing, my ITunes switched to another podcast! Apparently Snuggles doesn’t want me to get another dog just yet, but I know I’m not ready to regardless. The last thing I was led to listen to before sleeping was Brent talking about heart animals. I wholeheartedly believe Snuggles is my heart animal, and will be forever.

11/ 19  Iris Fader  Hello Brent I just wanted to say thanks for doing the things you do I just lost my beloved fur daughter Lady on November 12th at 5:20 she would have been 14 on the 24th of November without reading your book I would be still crying my eyes out because she was very close to me my little shadow my companion my soul mate besides my husband but we understood each other.<br>

11/18 Lynette J. Davis  Good Evening my fellow animal lovers ❤️ May this post find you comfort in whatever way.  I am finding great happiness in this group. Thank you Brent Atwater for the beautiful and meaningful work you do.  I know I was led to you…not only am I better understanding the human-animal relationship, I am strengthening my own spiritual gifts

 10/31  Diane Bertolino Procopio  Happy Halloween to All..  Two years ago today I had an awesome reading with Brent Atwater. It was one of the best Halloween’s when she told me my boy would be back. She was right on.. I remember the day as though it were yesterday.

10/31 Anna Sinclair  For the past several weeks, I felt that in was getting no signs from my beloved cat Binky who crossed over on Christmas Day last year. She was my very first and only cat throughout the 6.5 years we had together and she was my world.   I got Brent’s book and do the prayers for connection, signs and dream visitations regularly.  Lately, nothing was coming from her despite my nightly prayers and pleas for her to give me some sort of sign and it has left me very sad and frustrated. I am not in intense grief any longer as was the case earlier this year so I don’t think it was a case of me blocking receiving signs from grief.

Then a few days ago Brent Atwater posted a video on why we don’t get or stop getting signs from our beloved pets on the other side and one reason she cited is that we may be restricting their creativity when asking for specific signs and should request that they send a sign that we recognise in a manner that they so choose.
Well, I did that prayer last night and this afternoon when I went outside of my office and took a stroll around the pond and sat on a bench in the sun, reminiscing of Binky and feeling sad that I hadn’t seen an obvious sign from her yet, I was desperately looking at the gravel on the ground for any heart shaped pebbles or stones or leaf heart shapes etc., but I felt that I was forcing myself to see normal things as hearts and gave up after 30-40 minutes.
When I finally decided to get up from the bench and walk back along the gravelled path to the office, suddenly I noticed a ladybird crawling right on my chest on the fabric of my jumper.
It continued to crawl right up almost to my neckline and then decided to fly off.
In those few moments the ladybird was crawling on me, I said “Hello Mr. Ladybird, have you been sent by Binky?”
I made sure to be really careful not to disturb the ladybird while it crawled on my jumper.
I would like to think that Binky did send the ladybird to me as a sign of love.
I felt somewhat uplifted after that experience today.
Love you Binky forever and ever…❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

10/29 Brady Jon Paris   Because of this group and Brent Atwater‘s teachings, I was able to let another little chihuahua into my life and heart. Thank you to everyone. It helps knowing there is support when you feel so alone with the loss of a fur baby. Excuse the tears in this photo. I was super happy.

I want to thank everyone in this group and also Brent Atwater for creating this safe place. This past summer, I had to let my best friend of 11 years go to the other side. Tinkerbell was my best friend. I found comfort in reading one of Brent’s book from iTunes and spending a lot of time on Brent Atwater ‘s Youtube page. It was a matter of coincidence that I found Brent’s youtube page. The universe works in mysterious ways, and I grew to the fact I wanted another chihuahua. Thank you Brent Atwater for confirming my Tinkerbell would want me to move on and she is still with me. For that I realized my heart could open to another soul. Our hearts heal one step at a time. Please meet my new baby girl Paris, and for anyone having an issue with moving forward in life, know your precious little one is always with you.

10/26 Christina Mathioudaki  Brent, Just wanted to thank you so much for your videos, your work, has been so healing ..more than you can even imagine, thank you , thank you , thank you, love, christina xx

10/25  Chris Sanders   As some of you read last Thursday my little Jake crossed the rainbow bridge. I took your advice watched and listened to Brent’s tapes. It has really helped so much with grieving my boy. I’ve been talking to him and asking for signs but nothing since last week. I know he’s with me. I really miss him but since the tapes I have more understanding of what was going on in the last few weeks. Thank you all so much for your kind words and advice. This is a wonderful site with great caring people. Many prayers to you all.

10/24 Deepa Gonzago   A friend of mine wanted to gift me a book of piems after Zoya crossed over. That was just around the time my Zoya and her intervention led me to Brent and her pages. So i asked her to send me this book instead. The book gave me a new lease of life and continues to everyday. Thank you Brent.a

10/14 Tania Ponce   Dear Brent thank you so much dir accepting me. I am from Ecuador and I just feel terrible one ir my dogs Bravita died today at the veterinary and I couldnt say good bye. I feel so guilty because le that. What can I do to say sorry to “Bravita” is it posible? I cant to stop to cry sorry. thamks for what you do

10/8  Gill Blinch    Hell0 Brent and thank you. I have just got your book, wonderful heartwarming book though not read it all. We have just lost a beautiful GSD rescued from Romania she was with us 3 Years it was sudden I know she was hapy from the life she had,tied to a little chain unfed people threw food over the wall to her, crying with hunger, then the owner left and left her there, she was rescued and brought here to the UK. the sweetest girl loving and happy miss her so much, I feel she is near. we have another recue too and 2 others. I don’t know why, she died and she died while my husband was on night shift work, the last 2 did the same also the same one was 15, why they chose this way I feel she is near and sometimes the others too the most with her, Your book is wonderful comfort to me x

10/6 Virginia Sorenson    Her heart was enlarged and just gave out. I’m still in shock, even though it was anticipated. I needed to reassure my belief in reincarnation, no accidents, and life continuation just to keep from slipping into depression. Your words have helped stabilize my emotions right now, for that I am grateful. Thank you. Cookie was extraordinary.

9/21 Martina Campi   I’d like to thankyou with all my heart for your sharing such a great hope and most of all real tools and a clearer view. I have been in a desperate crying since my sweet sweet soulmate Rocky transitioned, last April. Today I met your youtube channel which, I think, is saving my soul and healing my heart as, I figure, the once of so many other people. Thankyou. My deepest gratitude and respect. Martina (and Rocky)

9/3 Andrea McNeill   Happy Birthday Brent! You have helped with with the loss of my beautiful girl, Ryleigh on July 8, 2016. God bless you