Signs from Pet Heaven are REAL!

Dianne & Selena
Mommy and baby girl  

Dianne worked as a human services professional for 30 years, supporting families who had young children with special needs, a few of whom transitioned in infancy.  Her sensitivity, compassion and empathy was further refined by her feline children over the last 32+ years.

When Dianne’s Dad passed away in 1990, that ignited her Soul’s curiosity about the Afterlife.  For 17 years, Dianne’s first kitty love was Coriander aka “Cori,”  who even inspired a small business of dried flowers, wreaths, soaps,  and herbal products, etc.

When Cori transitioned Dianne began asking “where is she?”  Now, pets and after death connections were added to her ongoing learning journey.  She found and dismissed heart shaped rocks that unbeknownst to her, would reshape her future…

Dianne even wrote an article about the holistic treatment she pursued for Cori that was published in “The Whole Cat Journal”.   Her last line was “Just recently, I found a whisker placed carefully on top of my slipper. I guess she really is still with us.”  Dianne was becoming aware of a possible new journey with Living Pet Spirits….

A few weeks later Dianne always suspected that from “somewhere” Cori sent her 3 more fur children and later a tortoise cat.  Those furbabies were special but the short white haired one elicited an unimaginable stronger bond with her heart!

Many years later, with the passing of her beloved Selena in 2013, Dianne was led to our resources.  Her thoughtfulness, wisdom and kind insights lighted the way through her own loss as she lifted up the hearts of  countless others in our online pet family.  

We are thrilled to have Dianne as one of our Pet Support group’s administrators. And with the help of her white cat Selena, the Queen Educator of Signs!  they both continue to expand awareness about and from the Other Side.

Dianne and Selena’s grounded experiential spiritual knowledge has led her to be a regular guest on our Pet Life Radio show, where from the Other Side Selena and Cori contribute lessons that Dianne graciously shares to help heal the hearts of others.

This Earth and Heaven based team provide living proof that “love goes on”  and after death connection and attention is real,  NEVER ending,  and in this case absolutely purrrfect!!