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Pet Loss Support & Counseling
We offer Pet Loss support
in our Global Facebook Group

I established our Facebook Group over a decade ago to support, uplift and expand awareness around Death and Transition by answering your questions about pet loss, afterlife, animal life after death and reincarnation.

We have many international members and translators. We’re closed to honor our member’s feelings during this difficult time. Our Group is a healing sanctuary and safe haven for your heart. You don’t have to go through your loss alone!
There’s a 24/7 -Team to Help Heal YOUR Heart! so you can be whole again. If you want to join and read our educational discussions  please do so, we do not require you to participate, however we hope in time you will feel comfortable enough to share your story and feelings with us. If you have listened to our Pet Life Radio show Podcasts, we  also continue those topic conversations in our group.

If you have extended periods of grief and are struggling with life or just functioning normally after the loss of your pet, Frankie Johnson is our professional bereavement counselor. She is on our staff to help you!

There was no coincidence when “Bear” Frankie Johnson’s Maine Coon Cat brought her to our Global Facebook Pet Group and we are truly blessed!  Her huge heart full of great compassion and empathy for others are just some of her many Gifts.

Ms. Johnson began working in the social services system in 2006 and graduated with her Masters in Social Work in  2009. She obtained her Licensed Clinical Social Worker ( LCSW is accepted by all Insurance companies)  in 2014 and began her own practice.

How is Frankie prepared to deal with the Death and Transition process?
Having been a Hospice volunteer for over a decade,  Frankie became a Hospice bereavement counselor in 2014.

And she’s also Spiritual!  Ms. Johnson is an ordained Non-Denominational/Spiritualist Minister , plus a Reiki Master/Teacher with additional  certifications in Aromatherapy and Foot Reflexology.

We think she is an awesome addition to our online Pet Family and we are grateful that she is our “official” Pet Bereavement Counselor.  If you need Professional guidance through your grief

CONTACT Frankie:
Office phone: 814.723.2601