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At 5,  Brent’s unique intuitive abilities were discovered and documented by Duke University’s Dr. J B Rhine the founder of ESP in his ESP pilot study.

Brent Atwater’s extraordinary Gift to see inside a body like a “Human MRI,” is the nickname given to her by Dr. Larry Burke and Dr. Laurance Johnstone formerly of the National Institute of Health (NIH) who tested Ms. Atwater’s specialized intuitive diagnostic  and energy healing skills.


For over 21 years Brent Atwater’s unrivaled medical intuitive Consultations and health Readings have helped people overcome illness and handle health issues. She has amazed clients worldwide with her OMG specific details, accuracy and results! 

Brent’s Medical Intuitive look inside any body’
s systems as a “Human MRI” provides extraordinary and accurate health information plus furnishes a comprehensive, incredibly detailed health evaluation that uncovers incorrect diagnoses, urgency of addressing symptoms and encompasses procedure and treatment recommendations and healing solutions.

Ms Atwater ‘s abilities are decades ahead of scientific resources and bridges the world of traditional and alternative medicine.
Her realistic yet compassionate approach, which looks not just at physical health, but also at a person’s well-being on every level, provides clarity and answers that produce results to those seek her help.

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