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For over 20 years, Brent Atwater’s unrivaled accuracy, 
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Brent Atwater’s passion, joy and life’s purpose is
to help others heal and to expand their awareness.

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The Dream Connection Nancy Russell
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This month’s Dream: Heather Smith & Shooter

“A few weeks after my pet had passed, I had a dream that I was laying in bed with my deceased pet laying between my legs. I was petting him and feeling so sorry for myself that he had passed and I was going to have to bury him soon because he had already been dead so long. I was talking to him and his tail started wagging to what I was saying. I kept petting him and his tail wagged even more  I thought “I couldn’t possibly bury him now!” Then my thoughts shifted to worrying about “how am I going to tell people that he is actually still alive?! No one is going to   understand. They won’t believe me!”  Those thoughts are what I woke up to.

Consider this…
(Suggestions that help dreamers in determining an interpretation that resonates)

*  Give yourself a pat on the back for moving in your dream from “feeling sorry for myself” to petting and talking to Shooter as if he were alive…because he is!  Remember, your dog has simply transitioned from fur suit to a sparkler suit of Living Energy in Spirit form.

*  Realize that when you treated Shooter as a living dog, you received confirmation that he is NOT dead but alive and tail-wagging happy!

*  Continue to communicate with Shooter daily as you did in the dream. Use techniques from Brent’s After Death Signs book.

*  Watch for more “tail wagging” a.k.a. signs that Shooter is happy and alive and ready to show you more!

*  Examine the importance of your thought, “I couldn’t possibly bury him now!”  How could you treat him like a dead dog when he is so very much alive in Spirit?

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Life Lessons from Heaven

Mary Ellen Clifton

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In 1998, I walked into the local animal shelter to adopt a kitten. I considered the more sociable one out of a remaining litter of three but decided to think about it for a day. When I returned to the shelter, the kitten of choice was gone. I adopted the reticent gray and white kitten instead, the one at the back of the cage, who had stayed as far away as possible.

I did not understand that this was the universe at work; Tammy was the one I was meant to have, though the reasons would not be apparent for years to come. We would have almost eighteen years together. Fiercely independent with a sense of fun, adventure, along with a dose of naughtiness, Tammy knew exactly who she was.

Tammy’s health problems in her adult years were also part of the larger plan. The bond we developed during her ongoing care went very deep. When the time came, it was unbearably hard to let her go.

Tammy transitioned in January of 2016 After the initial profound grief subsided, I was able to sense a change…a shift, but didn’t quite get what was going on. I did understand however, that I had totally underestimated who Tammy was. It felt like I was entering a portal into a higher awareness. Of course, Tammy WAS the portal which took me on a life changing journey. Last spring everything came into perspective.

Miss Tammy, as she preferred to be called, is a wise and highly evolved being AND she had a lot to say about the changes she felt should be made in my life, namely how my life should be lived.

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