How to feel Energy

How to feel Spirit Energy of a Loved One-
on Demand Course with Brent Atwater spirit medium

spirit medium, how to feel energy
This class is Life changing, are your ready?


This Class is for you if:
You want to grow beyond Signs and move forward learning  
* how to touch and connect with your Loved One’s Energy
* identify different Spirit energies

* how to activate your ability in order to partner with your Loved One’s Spirit

* how to participate in interaction with Spirit
* and be willing to make the commitment to practice and do your part
If you want Spirit to be there for you, then YOU have to be willing to meet them halfway.


What Qualifies Brent to Teach this Class?

Unlike telepathic Communicators who translate mental thoughts, Ms. Atwater can see, watch and describe the energy process of your Loved one transforming into Living Spirit energy. Brent can see and talk face to face with Spirit/ Soul Energy. Brent was taught these techniques by her fiance Mike, who is living in Spirit, so she would KNOW only the earth suit was gone. 


What’s Included in this Class:

* 1  Video Lesson- which can be accessed on demand at any time after the scheduled Class


If you have Internet you can join us from any connected device anywhere in the World!

TIME:  90 minutes (and maybe a little more ? )

DATE:  August 18, 2018


CLASS STATUS:   Can be Bought on Demand


ON DEMAND: If you can’t attend the class you can purchase link to watch whenever you choose.

WEBINAR ID: 857-967-210

HOW: This Class can be accessed using mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, regular devices or any device that connects to the internet from anywhere in the world.

ON DEMAND:   $ 95.00 USD  Preview Image **

**Non refundable _ See Below     


* Photo of Loved One for your specific Energy connection
* Optional Reading- Techniques in After Death Signs
or Best info –Lessons from Loved Ones    



Upon receipt of PayPal Payment, in a few days you‘ll receive a Registration form from Zoom.
One week before the Event you will be emailed your personalized log-in information and Password.

If you don’t receive your log-in information 24 hours ahead of the live event, check the spam folder of the email account that you used to register.
If the email with the log-in information has not arrived 24 hours ahead of time (and it’s not in your spam folder) please let me know as soon as possible


Since Live Classes are – LIVE – we cannot offer refunds on those handled and created by Brent Atwater.  Once you are sent the password link to Ms. Atwater’s Live Event, no refunds are available before, during or after the Live Class has been held. This includes live webinars, teleseminars, and other such classes. Videos & Recordings of these Classes are almost always made and available for those who couldn’t attend the live Class or who want to re-listen and information about a recording for a Class of this nature is always included at the bottom of the Class description.

Taking this Class does not qualify or certify you to feel the Spirit Energy of other individuals’ Animals or Loved Ones, nor guarantee that you have this ability in this lifetime.
Taking this Class does NOT guarantee that you will be selected for a randomly drawn Reading.