Animal Healing Brent Atwater medical intuitive medium

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Energy healing and water

Brent Atwater

Animal medical intuitive, medical medium, veterinary intuitive, veterinary animal communication Animal Intuitive Healing for Pets & Veterinarians

Clients praise Brent as “the real Deal” and “Best of the best!”

*** Ms Atwater is renowned worldwide for her expertise in treating, regenerating and Healing her dog’s spinal vertebrae & nerves. ***


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Ms. Atwater (and only a few people in the world) has the unrivaled Gift to see inside ANY body.  For almost 20 years, working with people & pets all over the world, Brent uses her Gift to accurately diagnose health issues, locate symptom site origins, overturn misdiagnoses and facilitate healing solutions for her clients.   Dr.Larry Burke and Dr. Laurance Johnstone formerly of the National Institute of Health (NIH) who tested Ms. Atwater’s specialized intuitive diagnostic skills gave her the nickname  “the Human MRI.”

WHY is Brent Atwater different from other Animal Healthcare Communicators?
Because Brent has the unparalleled Gift to see inside your pet’s body to find, diagnose and predict health issues!  She’s a “human MRI”

As a “Human MRI” Brent sees organs, bones, tissue, nerve damage and all your body’s systems etc. She also receives detailed intuitive medical information which

• evaluates the source of health conditions
• provides solutions about treatment procedures and medications for your health issues
• facilitates healing
• predicts future health events.

Ms. Atwater is the founder of AIHH, the field of Animal Intuitive Healthcare and Healing. 
AIHH teaches you how to see inside an animals’ body to diagnose current conditions and future health issues, then how to determine and provide solutions.


In a Full AIH  scan (consisting of multiple sessions),
I look inside and evaluate your pet’s body from head to toe, back, front and all sides plus top and bottom for a 360 degree assessment of all bones, organs, and body systems.

* determine what you need to address with your animal’s healthcare providers, current treatment, medication and supplements, food or environment.
*  provide intuitive suggestions on how to manage and facilitate solutions for your pet.
Our summary session addresses other questions pertaining to your pet’s issues.

Brent invests a great deal of time researching / developing solutions for clients.
She honors and understands that it’s an investment in your Pet’s health and life!

> Animal Healing Testimonials >



OFFICE HOURS: Monday – Friday 11 am – 4 pm EST (New York)

I do not work on weekends or Holidays
** Emergencies are the exception.**

APPOINTMENTS are Prepaid in USD.

WAIT LIST: Due to the demand for Brent's world renowned expertise, there can be a wait list several months long.
Thank you for understanding.

INSTRUCTIONS and time choices will be emailed within 10 business days
after my notification of receipt of your payment.
All information you need will be in your appointment letter.

FEE is NON refundable and subject to sales tax.

PAYMENT by PayPal or personal Credit card.

CONSULTATIONS are done by Phone, What’s App or Skype (brent_atwater).

SCHEDULE Your Reading may be scheduled up to over several months after receipt of payment.

INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS are scheduled to accommodate various time zones.

SCHEDULE Your Reading or Consultation may be scheduled up to 18 business days after receipt of payment.
*** Occasionally, it is necessary to reschedule appointments due to last-minute changes in Brent's calendar. We apologize, in advance, for any inconvenience that may be caused.

MISSING APPOINTMENT or being 15 minutes late for any reason, your fee is NON refundable and your session is canceled.

RESCHEDULING must be done at least 48 hours before your original session.

AGREEMENT: In consideration for the purchase of an appointment it is your intent to agree to and comply with the terms above.

15 min Healing or Health Questions:

$ 253.00 USD


30 min Healing or Health Questions:

$ 374.00 USD


1 Hour Mini Scan of one Body Area or Healing or Health Q's

$ 695.00 USD


Medical Intuitive Diagnostic Body Scan
Consultation and Energy work
Small Animal

$ 982.00 USD


Medical Intuitive Diagnostic Body Scan
Consultation and Energy work

Large Animal

$ 1900.00 USD


add to the fees above.

$253.00 USD