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Readings for Rescue™
Join Brent Atwater in making the world a better place for animals.

Animal Communication to help fund Animal Welfare, Foundations and Organizations

Brent Atwater

Ms. Atwater’s work is changing the way the world views pet loss.

Brent Atwater and “Friend” her dog with a “B” on his Bottom are the world’s authority on Animal Life after Death & Pet
Reincarnation.  Ms. Atwater has devoted decades to researching animal life after death, pet reincarnation and human animal
spiritual contracts.  Her Books (translated into multiple languages) Blog, Pet Loss TV & Pet Loss Radio shows and
global Facebook group are the # 1 Resource for pet loss grief and animal afterlife questions.

In 1987 Brent founded the Just Plain Love® Charitable Trust. After law school and the death of her fiancé, Brent refocused
her career on helping pets and their owners.

Brent Atwater’s extraordinary Gifts were discovered at age 5 by Dr. J B Rhine at Duke University, the founder of ESP.
Ms. Atwater sees and talks with living and dead pets to heal hearts, answer unresolved questions and to raise funds for the
needs of Animal Welfare, Foundations, and Organizations.

“I’ll be traveling the world filming:
1. We determine the Organizations need
2. We hold a live audience shows where I select audience pet photos and do readings (like the Long Island Medium, John
Edward, James van Praagh style) for live and deceased pets to help fund Animal Welfare and Animal Rescue organizations.
All audience tickets (which are tax deductible) proceeds go to the sponsoring Organization.
3. We show “before” and then “results” derived from the Event.

“It’s my way of giving back to the Community with my Gift.”

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