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Dreams dead pets     Dead Pet Dreams connect with your deceased pet
that transitioned into Pet Spirit form!

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Dream of dead Pet – can deceased pets visit you in dreams? Dream visits from dead pets

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Newsletter, May 9,  2017

Featured Dream: Heather Smith & Shooter

“A few weeks after my pet had passed, I had a dream that I was laying in bed with my deceased pet laying between my legs. I was petting him and feeling so sorry for myself that he had passed and I was going to have to bury him soon because he had already been dead so long. I was talking to him and his tail started wagging to what I was saying. I kept petting him and his tail wagged even more  I thought “I couldn’t possibly bury him now!” Then my thoughts shifted to worrying about “how am I going to tell people that he is actually still alive?! No one is going to   understand. They won’t believe me!” And those thoughts are what I woke up to.
Consider this…
(Suggestions that help dreamers in determining an interpretation that resonates)

*  Give yourself a pat on the back for moving in your dream from “feeling sorry for myself” to petting and talking to Shooter as if he were alive…because he is!  Remember, your dog has simply transitioned from fur suit to a sparkler suit of Living Energy in Spirit form.
*  Realize that when you treated Shooter as a living dog, you received confirmation that he is NOT dead but alive and tail-wagging happy!
*  Continue to communicate with Shooter daily as you did in the dream. Use techniques from Brent’s After Death Signs book.
*  Watch for more “tail wagging” a.k.a. signs that Shooter is happy and alive and ready to show you more!
*  Examine the importance of your thought, “I couldn’t possibly bury him now!”  How could you treat him like a dead dog when he is so very much alive in Spirit?

  • Investigate the dream keyword “bury.”  Dream words and symbols can hold golden nuggets of wisdom and insight that, when unearthed, enrich the dream message.
  • Why are you worried about what to tell other people? Why are you concerned about their opinion?  (Another golden nugget perhaps?)
  • Present your dream insights as a new “experience” to familiar people whom you trust, and take comfort in knowing you can share your thoughts “out loud” within our Group. They will believe and celebrate with you; validating that Shooter is alive and right by your side!

Featured Resource:

Betty Bethards’ The Dream Book, which offers over 2,250 interpretations of dream symbols.


  • Dreams can offer Keywords and Symbols; providing great insight.
  • There are innumerable research sources to assist with the definitions and meanings of dreams – from the Internet and “dream” books, to animal medicine cards and much more.

Let us take the word “bury” which Heather used in her dream.

Bury:  Death of old emotions and attitudes no longer needed for your highest growth. Death of fear and insecurity.  Also, hiding from life, burying aliveness, and sensitivity.

Interesting and rather fitting, don’t you think?

Until next time….  SWEET DREAMS!