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Rute was born and raised in Torres Vedras – Portugal.   She came to the United States in 1995 and speaks and writes both Portuguese and English.

In 1996 Rute’s soul was introduced to a little black cat who was VERY special!
Kiko became a part of her heart and life journey.   So much so, that when she moved to another job where pets weren’t allowed, Rute bought Kiko a plane ticket and sent him to live with her family in Portugal.   Kiko stayed there until Rute got settled.  
After relocating to a full time job and new house, Rute immediately brought Kiko home.

Kiko the multi home global cat had his share of health problems.  Under the loving care of Rute, he ultimately became a 4 year cancer/front amputee survivor!  She was his guardian angel watching over him every step of the way!

In 2014  Rute was diagnosed with breast cancer. She endured Mastectomy procedures and chemotherapy.

Kiko’s previous struggle with cancer set the example for Rute to live by – be strong,  never give up and fight with all of your being.  He was by her side every moment of the way!

He stayed by her side for almost 20 years before he transitioned on February 28th 2015.

Still and always guiding Rute’s path, Kiko also led her to our Pet Group.  There, having suffered through and survived cancer, Rute knew what personal tragedy and devastation from the loss of a pet felt like. Yet her spirit shone like a beacon of hope to help others suffering from the loss of their pet.

We are blessed she agreed to become the administrator  for our Portuguese pages on Facebook and our official Portuguese Translator.  The reason our resources are translated into Portuguese is because of Rute’s tireless commitment to honor Kiko’s life.

When asked WHY she’s helping others suffering pet loss as she did with Kiko, with an empathetic and compassionate understanding under her gentle smile she’ll answer  “I always looked for a way to use my native language.  I think helping expand awareness and heal Portuguese speaking hearts is the best way!”

Guided by Kiko, together they continue their healing journey, this time to benefit others!  Namaste!    Contact Rute 


Portuguese Translation Brent Atwater em Portugues