I’m Home A Cat’s Never Ending Love Story

About the Book

Is your heart struggling with being optimistic after the loss of your cat? Have you questioned if animal reincarnation or animal life beyond death is real? The questions you’ve asked your soul about pet life after death are answered in this book.
If you feel your cats or kitten might be returning, this book shares profound and irrefutable true stories that will inspire your healing with hope that gives you the strength to believe what your heart knows. Love is never ending, and we do share a spiritual bond with our soul pets.
“I’m Home!” a Cat’s Never Ending Love Story is a collection of deeply touching cat stories about how Retread Kitty, Thomas, Ollie, Ellie and other cats reincarnate to be with their guardians multiple times throughout their life. There is a section that explains animal reincarnation and includes “how to” techniques that teach and empower you to communicate with your beloved animal companion. Each cat’s heartwarming experiences will comfort you and expand your awareness with poignant journeys of devotion, amazing twists of fate, inexplicable coincidences and incredible joyous reunions that irrefutably prove pet reincarnation is real!

Genres: cats, Death and Bereavement, Death and Grief, Inspirational, Love and Loss, Pet Loss, Reincarnation, Self Help, spirituality gifts
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Just Plain Love Books
Publication Year: 2011
Length: 123
ISBN: 9781463578268
List Price: 18.95
eBook Price: 9.99
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