Heal Yourself

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This book contains all you need to change your health, stay healthy and heal yourself with life-tested techniques, Affirmations and Healing Energy tips and Intuition guidelines for people who seriously want to transform their health. Who should read this book? Its THE book for individuals with an earnest desire to alter their health. Brent teaches these “tell it like it is'”, no nonsense techniques in her holistic integrative energy medicine workshops for integrative health care practitioners to use to facilitate healing in their client’s lives. Ask yourself: Are you tired of being the victim of your body? If yes is your answer, then you need to break your limiting beliefs that you must tolerate having health issues. You can facilitate healing in your life, overcome health problems and have a better quality of life! This book’s easy to read words provide simple instructions and guides you step by step on how to heal yourself. With questionnaires, “how to do’s,” healing prayers, affirmations, take action planning guides, discover yourself quizzes, examples and practice sessions, you learn to have more vitality, personal independence and to take charge of, change and heal yourself! What have you got to lose? You just have to start

Format: paperback
Length: 146
ASIN: B001OW5L48
ISBN: 9781453632840
List Price: 14.95
eBook Price: 9.99
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