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“My heart’s passion and joy is to expand awareness and to help others have better lives.”

At age 5 Brent’s Gifts were documented by Duke University’s Dr. J. B. Rhine the founder of ESP, in his pilot study
. Ms. Atwater’s unparalleled medical intuitive “look inside your body”  diagnostic abilities have earned her the nickname of the “human MRI.”

“Growing up I learned to follow “the voices in my Head” and I led my life by their Guidance and my Intuition.”  After law school and the death of her fiancé,  Brent’s Gifts exploded and  couldn’t be kept “on the sideline” any longer. So Brent refocused her life on helping people and their pets heal physically and from the loss of a loved one.

For 20 years Ms. Atwater’s highly respected and world renowned Medical Intuitive pioneering practice has published case studies that are documented and evidence based.  Brent looks inside your body and can see the your organs, nerves, bones, tissue  et. al, plus diagnose current health issues and predict future events.
Her Consultation’s astounding accuracy and specific details amaze and comfort clients around the world by providing healing directions and health answers. 


Brent is also an Animal Medical Intuitive and Healer.  Her energy healing work regenerating her dog’s spinal cord nerves and vertebra has been documented by NC State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine.  She has been a speaker and teacher for the
NC Veterinary Association and taught Energy work and How to be and Animal Veterinary Medical Intuitive at the New York Open Center. 

Ms. Atwater pioneered and founded MIDI the field of Medical Intuitive Diagnostic Imaging™ and AIH Animal Intuitive Healthcare & Healing for Animals.  Both books with healing techniques and  descriptive energy pattern charts are groundbreaking resources for the science of Medical Intuition and Healing Animals with Integrative Energy Medicine.

WHY are Brent Atwater’s Animal Medium Readings different from other Animal Communicators?

Because Brent actually sees, looks at and talks face to face with your Pet’s Spirit no matter where you are located in the world!  For almost 20 years, Brent’s down to earth, sensitive life changing Readings are healing clients and audiences worldwide because they are filled with very personal information and specific OMG details that bring comfort, clarity and closure to heal your heart.


“My Life purpose is to
* provide clarity with answers,
* expand awareness with proof of after death communication,
* reduce the overwhelming grief  and loneliness surrounding loss of a loved one.
* help others recognize, develop, and use their intuitive abilities.”

Ms. Atwater is available for private Readings by Phone, Skype and on rare occasion in-person.



Pet Loss, Afterlife, After Death Communication and Pet Reincarnation

Ms. Atwater, the Animal Medium is the world’s authority on Pet Afterlife, Animal life after Death and Pet Reincarnation. Brent’s decades of research produced numerous books on animal life beyond death. Those titles are translated into multiple languages and considered the worlds’ #1 resource for animal afterlife and animal life beyond death information.

Brent’s Animal Communication heals your Heart!  Brent’s ability to see Pet Spirits and talk with them, provides VERY specific details and personal information that comforts and brings you peace, closure and answers your heart’s questions while expanding awareness about transition, afterlife and life after death.

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In 1987 Brent founded the
Just Plain Love
® Charitable Trust to benefit children and other worthwhile causes.  

and later
You’re invited to Join Brent in making the world a better place for animals at her live audience shows 
Ms. Atwater communicates with audience member’s live or dead pets.  All show proceeds benefit animal welfare organizations.


MEET FRIEND, the DOG with a “B” on his BOTTOM
a Red tri colored Border collie who was born with a white fur “B”  on his bottom that matches Brent’s Signature.
Brent Took this as a “sign” to begin her research into expanding awareness about Pet reincarnation.

Friend "B" Bottom  image002  BV-L


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