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Dear Brent,  Tank and I would like to ‘tank you’ for the amazing connection yesterday afternoon.
It was a day that we will never forget, because it was so life changing.  It was such an honor to have this conversation with you, I admire your work so much, it has helped me to view Tank’s and my life together in a completely different light.
I feel overwhelmed, but it also seems to confirm many things. Blessings to you and Friend, Stay in touch and I’ll send you my CD!
Tanks Alot! XOX Ginny Barry

After Brent puts together a collage of your pet and says her prayer, it’s NON stop VERY Specific details!  She doesn’t fish around and ask you a lot questions. She provides HOURS of information from looking at and talking with your pet’s Spirit.  Whew!  Her reading gave me more than LOTS to think about for weeks!  Thank you Brent, I never knew my dog had SO much to say from the other side!
Martha R, Netherlands

I’m still amazed at all the details and VERY PERSONAL information you knew, and oh so happy… yesterday was an uplifting experience, thank you so much!  Jocelyn T- Canada


I had a reading with Brent last night and it was utterly mind blowing with all the details and facts! Churros said he would be back…
Jess N- Singapore

Kim Wailes

I want to let everyone know that Brent Atwater’s reading with my cat, Chippers, was absolutely amazing!  Chippers was the child I never had, and when he passed away just 4 days after his 16th birthday, I was utterly devastated.  He had been my lifeline through some of the toughest days of my life.  Shortly after his passing, he led me to her Facebook group, for which I will forever be grateful.I had a reading with Brent just 2 months after losing Chippers.  She was great!  She was very generous with her time, going well over the allotted scheduled time, and incredibly kind and caring.  I was absolutely amazed at the things she was able to tell me about Chippers.  She was able to tell me things she could only learn from him, i.e., his hairless belly (having been shaved for ultrasounds), a severe ear infection in his right ear (which he had had approximately a year prior to his passing, and from which we almost lost him when he had to go under anesthetic and went into v-fib), how he hadn’t liked the steroids and acupuncture, what a big talker he was, and, how he enjoyed it when my husband went out of town for work so that we could enjoy “our” time.  There were many, many other items that she was able to tell me that were of a very personal nature that she could never have known.  Everything she told me was “spot on” and could only have come from Chippers!  There is no way that she could ever have been able to give me the details that she was able to give me without actually talking with him.  It was amazing!  I will admit that not everything she told me was what I wanted to hear, far from it.  But, I also know, in my heart, that what she told me is true.  The things that she told me would happen involving Chippers, have happened!I would, and have, highly recommend Brent Atwater.  She is, “the real deal.”  I have no doubt that she can communicate with our beloved babies.  I am sure that Chippers led me to her and her Facebook group.  They have been of great help and comfort.

Diane P. 12/5/2015  
I would like to share my wonderful experience of having a Reading with Brent Atwater after my beloved Italian Greyhound passed. He was the love of my life and his passing was very difficult for me. I did a little research and found Brent’s website and FB page. I read her book ( which was sooo informative)and felt that a Reading would help me feel better.

The funny thing was, her staff scheduled my Reading for my favorite day, Halloween.
Brent contacted me as scheduled and proceeded to explain in detail how she would connect to my boy. She was sooo kind and compassionate. Once she made contact, she proceeded to tell me soooo many details of our shared life that only he would have know…He told her      how he hated to wear clothing, he hated a red suit I put him in ( It was a Christmas outfit), he talked about how he loved watching me paint my toes, but he didn’t like that I cut his toenail’s. The one thing he shared with her that made me laugh out loud was he said “he had a tough Mom with a soft side”. I could go on and on, but to sum up my Reading experience “Brent NAILED it” I know in my heart she is the Real Deal. Her Reading gave me much comfort. She never rushed me, and actually she “far” exceeded the established time frame for the Reading. I am very pleased with my Reading and grateful to have found her.


Nancy C. Colorado Springs, CO   12/3/2015

About 8 years ago, I hired Brent, not as an animal communicator but as a medical intuitive and healer.  My cat, Nicky, was ill, and we thought we might lose him.  We had spent hundreds of dollars, month after month, on emergency urinary catheterization procedures due to repeated blockages.  Brent’s charge for an energetic “MRI” and healing wasn’t nearly as costly as the veterinary procedures.  And, unlike the vet’s treatments, Brent’s treatment was permanent.  Since Brent’s energetic work, Nicky has not had another blockage!  I would call it a miracle, but I do not believe Brent would.  She is a gifted, compassionate healer, who truly DOES HEAL!  She is the real deal, and I will be forever grateful.  Nicky is now 19.  He’s still with us and feisty as ever!


Christine C.   Pinehurst, NC     2/2/2015

My Dog Winnie led me to Brent Atwater a few weeks after her transition. I was looking for answers and an understanding to all the many signs I was receiving from her. Her signs were anything from hearing the sounds of her jingle collar, seeing cloud formations of her face, cardinals near, or finding feathers. I then joined her Facebook pet loss group, listening to her radio shows, and read several of her books all being of great help.

My review on Brent Atwater is a very positive experience for me. I recently did this reading several months ago after the loss of my dog, who was very dear to me.  Brent was professional and very caring. Brent was exceptionally great on her response and went well beyond my expectations and gave me a generous amount of her time and was right “on target” with all the things she said about my Dog. For example, her likes and dislikes, personal things said or done only my dog would know, and she was correct and “spot on” with the cause of my dogs death.

I highly recommend her and anyone would be extremely pleased with the experience.  She has exceptional talent communicating with a pets living energy and spirit. My reading with her was comforting.  Brent Atwater is the real deal and a rare find and worth the investment. At the conclusion of our reading, I was completely satisfied with all my questions being answered.  My parents were also very moved by the authenticity of her comments.


Leanne K.   Fruitvale, Canada  12/2/2015

I discovered Brent Atwater and her wonderful Facebook group shortly after my bird, of 20 years, Jessie, transitioned.  I had never consulted an animal communicator before, but wanted to talk to Brent.  Both my husband and I sat in for the reading.  Obviously, we had tender feelings, due to Jessie’s recent death, but Brent was incredibly compassionate, professional and kind.  My husband was there because he is the rational one while I am the emotional one.  If Brent was in it for the money, I would have expected her to do the reading within the time frame and be done with it, but that is not what she did.  She took her time, she went way over our scheduled appointment and she even phoned me afterwards to tell me something else that came up.  She took her time to answer all of our questions, as well.  Her reading was incredibly detailed and she knew things that only Jessie and I would know!  She even said things that reminded me of things I’d forgotten.  She told me that Jessie would be returning to me and told me exactly when, where and what she would look like.  The town in which she told me I’d find Jesse was one she had never heard of before (being that she isn’t from Canada), and she had to look it up on the internet when I told her that it was an actual place.  I left the reading feeling reassured, comforted and at peace.  My husband was equally touched and impressed.  I joined her Facebook group and was also very happy to have it and the wonderful people there to turn to during my time of grieving.  I am still an active member of that group because even though my Jesse is back, I love being able to help others who are experiencing the immense grief that I endured, in the same way that they helped me when I needed the support.

Brent spent HOURS (more than it says in her appts) comforting me and helping me release the guilt over mistakes I made during the last 3 years of Hugh’s life and over letting him go. She didn’t have to do that. I didn’t pay for that grief counseling and it wasn’t expected.
I never felt rushed. I always felt that I could ask her whatever question I needed to know. I am so sick and broken to know that Hugh isn’t returning and she could have told me everything I wanted to hear, but she’s honest and told me what she saw and heard from her guides. Brent mentioned some things about Hugh’s health problems that she couldn’t have known about– specifically his throat and heart. She said I could get other opinions from other ACs, but I feel this would be a waste of time and money. She says I will meet the right man in 3 years so I guess time will tell if that prediction will come true. She is an incredibly kind woman and I think her gift is real/genuine/authentic.  J Cho, NY

I talked to Brent today & I was blown away! Faith will be coming back in the spring~hopefully this one! She will be a medium hair white kitten 3-6 months old..she will come out of nowhere one day while I am on a walk..a stray. The tiniest details and personal facts were incredible.
Brent Atwater is here to help heal hearts, & I can tell you from my own experience, She is very caring, compassionate & extremely accurate. She is the sole reason her Facebook Pet Loss group exists & for the support and “family” I feel in her group, I am forever grateful. Lisa N. Arkansas

Thank you so much for my reading. I was so sad before but when I woke up this morning it was like a weight was lifted. I just did a post of Facebook about my reading and I would encourage and of your followers to do a reading. It helps having questions answered that it seems no one can answer and also gives the closure you need. When you lose one of your babies the anger that comes out is scary and you seem to be mad at the world. After speaking to you all that is now gone and we can now move forward with our lives until we can be with Chloe again.Thank you so much – what you give people is amazing and a true gift. How many people can say that they can help take away the pain & grief caused by losing a pet?   M Godfrey, London UK

I read Brent’s books on reincarnation. We scheduled an hour session but wound up speaking 3 hours.
My notes: Princess would be a female collie 2 years from our reading. Protecting my spirit and soul is her job. I will get her as a puppy around 3 months old.
She will be born around Spring time. I would recognize her by the following: SHE WILL HAVE A BLACK SPOT ON HER RIGHT SIDE WHERE HER RIB AND SHOULDER CONNECT. SHE WILL HAVE A BLACK PATCH ABOVE HER TAIL.   100% ACCURATE-     AMAZING!   Diane P, CA
see her BLOG story “Starlight”

I had a reading with Brent back in February of this year. At the time
I was not a part of her Facebook group (I joined immediately after).
I was truly gobsmacked at her accuracy and detail, there is absolutely no other way she could have known the things she knew about Baxter or his previous incarnations with me – she has a true gift. She was very assured with what she said, there was no question to it, and there was nothing she said that was not true! I would definitely recommend having a reading with her.
Theresa S, Australia   See my Blog story “Baxter”

Thank you Brent for your words of encouragement to help heal the pain of losing Max.  Also, you said Max would be coming back in 2 to 5 years but as a little dog that would have somewhat curly hair kind of like a spaniel but about 26 pounds. The funny thing is I currently have 2 French Brittany spaniels. I really like the cavalier king Charles spaniel that is smaller but has the wavy hair and floppy ears you spoke of. They come in the cream or buff color which you also mentioned. As far as the 2 – 5 year time frame because I do have “something in my life that I need to take care of first.”  They are 8 and 11 years old a dogs plus 2 cats, a full house. Obviously Max would prefer to wait so I can give him even more attention. So I await his return and will earn from your books to communicate and feel his “steam” form until we meet again. Thanks again, Edie, MI

Brent, I want to express my heart-felt thanks for the insights and information you conveyed to me yesterday about Winston. It meant so much to me! I knew I was taking up way too much of your time, but I was so absorbed by your Gift that I didn’t even want to say good-bye when we were done. Does everyone you spend time with feel like they have connected with you on a personal level? I can understand if the answer is yes. I did feel like you are someone I want to stay in touch with. Meanwhile, I found your radio program and I intend to become a regular listener. You gave me much to think about on so many levels—not just about my pet, but also about my life. Thank you again for sharing your gift with me! Michelle, MN